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A teddy bear that is smart and has personality!                                  BeFunky_images (1).png
That is WikiBear, an 11-inch interactive teddy
bear that makes use of a free app, a Bluetooth
connection, and a mobile device to get it up and
running, providing information sourced from Wikipedia
and other sources on the web.

How Much?

WikiBear is estimated to be launched on September 2014, with a selling price tentatively set at US$60.

Who Would Buy This?

Parents are always on the lookout for toys that are fun and educational at the same time. They also would like to have their kids become familiar with technology at an early age. That is an advantage offered by WikiBear. It provides a wealth of information to kids and, thanks to filters set in place, everything will be child-friendly. But it is not limited to kids only, since anyone who is interested in learning more information using their smartphones and other mobile devices will surely find WikiBear a great tool and toy.

Things We Like

The mere fact that this is a cuddly and cute teddy bear that can crack jokes and provide information already makes it a winner in our books. It’s not just a robot teddy bear that will provide the answers you are looking for. It also has a personality that is fun and humorous, so using it becomes even more of a treat!Of course, we also like that it can take the place of the usual and boring news sources. Weather forecasts, news updates, and other relevant issues can be accessed by using WikiBear. Since all you need is a free app and a Bluetooth connection, you can take advantage of WikiBear’s offerings just by using your smartphone or tablet.

Things We Don’t Like

Early peeks at WikiBear revealed that it produces a voice that can only be described as robotic. This somehow impacts the cuddliness of the bear. Fortunately, it seems that the manufacturers are planning on changing the way the voice sounds, just so it would match its personality. But we will only be able to hear what it would sound like once WikiBear is finally out in the market.


There is still no word from the manufacturers on whether or not the WikiBear comes with guarantees.

Is It Worth The Money?

This early, the WikiBear is getting positive reviews and anticipation is high for its upcoming release this September. Anything that will turn what is usually a boring task such as looking something up on the internet into something fun and relaxing is well worth the money spent on it.

Where Can I Buy?

Once it is released, make sure to look out for WikiBear in online retail sites such as Amazon.

Final Thoughts

There is a reason why WikiBear is called the world’s smartest teddy bear, and with its capabilities, this is definitely a toy that is worth looking forward to.

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