Product Review – Tipster by WowWee

Tipster is the first ever entry-level robot produced                              BeFunky_download (2).png
by WowWee. It has the ability to balance, spin, move
around, and tip, all by using various Tipster character
pieces and ladders. It is aimed for the 4 years old and
above market, and is said to be a very good toy for a
child’s cognitive development.

How Much?

WowWee has not released any information on the estimated selling price of Tipster once it is released during the third quarter of this year.

Who Would Buy This?

Robot toy collectors will no doubt be interested to include the Tipster to their collection. Of course, parents who are now recognizing how useful toy robots are in contributing to their child’s learning, growth and development are also going to set Tipster in their sights.

Things We Like

Robots are usually associated with violence, but that was in the past. Many toy manufacturers have successfully changed the way most people perceive toy robots by coming up with products that do not promote violence. WowWee started by introducing robots such as Robo-Me and the balancing robot MIP.Tipster is another balancing robot from WowWee, and it looks set to appeal to an even younger crowd. The concept is simple, really. There will be Tipster character pieces and ladders that the children can play around with to experiment with weights and balancing Tipster itself. In the long run, this will help a child to develop, hone, and enhance his motor skills.Tipster is a delightful toy that can balance, spin, and tip. Hence, its name.

Things We Don’t Like

The limited information that we have regarding the Tipster prevents us from fully making a statement on the things that we would not like about it. Hopefully, WowWee releases more information and sneak peeks for this product so we will know more what to expect.


Likewise, WowWee has not also mentioned anything about warranties or guarantees that will come with the Tipster once it is released.

 Is It Worth The Money?

Since no price has been announced yet for the Tipster, it is still not possible for us to decide whether this is worth spending on or not. However, if we are to base it on previous WowWee products, then it’s going to be worth your money.

Where Can I Buy?

You will no doubt find the Tipster in the WowWee site once it is released for sale. Or you could look for it in major toy retailers and online stores, including Amazon.

 Final Thoughts

What little information we have on the Tipster is quite enough to make us anticipate and look forward to learning more about it and eventually owning it once it comes out!

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