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Hasbro has been one of the most successful toy and game                                                BeFunky_download (4).png
manufacturers for decades, and the company has created a
number of games that turned into household names over the
years. Risk is one of the company’s oldest and continually
most popular games as it let players battle against each other
for world conquest and domination. A variety of versions of the
classic game have been released as tie-ins for various movies
and television shows. The newest entry to the series is The
Walking Dead Risk Board game and is based on the wildly
successful TV show about a plucky group struggling to survive
a zombie apocalypse.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

The classic Risk game featured a map of the entire world and let players fight each other for control of the whole thing. The Walking Dead version maintains the same principle but carries over into the universe of the show. It will feature the southwest region of the United States and include most, if not all, of the show’s most recognizable landmarks, such as the CDC, the city of Atlanta, Hershel’s farm, the highway, and more. All the mainstay characters will be included, and players will be able to fight amongst themselves for control while fending off the oncoming hordes of rampaging zombies. In addition to maintaining the classic game play style, the game also adds a new deck of Supply Cards that add new layers of strategy.

How Much?

Scheduled for release in July of 2013, the game will retail for $49.99.

Things We Like About The Walking Dead Risk Board game

The companies Diamond and Alliance have created themed editions of Risk before, all of which have been hugely popular. This version promises to continue that streak and give new and old players an incredibly fun and involved game play experience. The fact that the Walking Dead Risk Board game maintains the classic game play feel while updating it to a modern day, zombie-themed experience is great.

Things We Did Not Like About The Walking Dead Risk Board game

At $49.99, the game is not cheap. All Risk games are complex, highly involved, and time consuming which may be prohibitive to some, more casual fans of board games.

Who Would Buy The Walking Dead Risk Board game?

Fans of the show and the classic game will love the Walking Dead version!


The game will almost certainly carry a warranty that protects against any defective game pieces.

Is The Walking Dead Risk Board game Worth the Money?

While $49.99 seems like a lot, the Walking Dead Risk Board game is not a small game, by any means. The board is huge, and it includes a number of game pieces, cards, and other devices. With that in mind, the price is fair.

Where Can I Buy The Walking Dead Risk Board game?

The game will be available online at retailers such as Amazon and offline at all major department and toy retailers like Toys R Us and Walmart.

More Customer Reviews for The Walking Dead Risk Board game

Even though the game is due for release in July, anticipation is already high among fans of both the classic Risk game and the show as all of them can’t wait to get their hands on it!

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