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The Simon Swipe by Hasbro is a reinvention of the                                  BeFunky_download (6).png
old and classic memory game, Simon, with an updated
look and feel, and incorporating touch technology,
while retaining the original gameplay and concept
that made it a well-loved game by people of all ages.

How Much?

The Simon Swipe, which is set for release this summer, will have a retail price of $20.

Who Would Buy This?

Nostalgia is often a powerful motivator that influences purchasing decisions, and that is definitely going to work on the older generation, who grew up enjoying the classic game Simon. Fans of the game who would like to revisit their childhood, or even new fans who are looking for a challenging memory game, will not pass up the opportunity to get their hands on Simon Swipe. Parents will also look at Simon Swipe as a very good educational toy for their children.

Things We Like

One will never fail to notice the new design of the Simon Swipe. Designed like a steering wheel, it is made for easier handling, since it has a spot where users can place their hands comfortably around the base.The old game was liked for being colorful. This time, Simon Swipe took it a step further by incorporating flashing lights, colorful buttons and even disco dance music. This makes it even doubly fun to play the game with the lights off, since the lights will be flashing and the colored buttons will light up beautifully.We also liked how the game became even more challenging and interactive. For starters, aside from the Classic mode, where no swiping is required, there is also the Extreme mode, where players will be tapping and swiping in order to play. The Levels mode will have the players accomplishing all 16 levels. What makes it even better, however, is the Party mode, a multi-player feature where multiple players can join in the fun, simply by passing the wheel from one person to another.

Things We Don’t Like

Learning to swipe instead of slap buttons takes a little getting used to. There is also the fact that players have to be mindful of the appropriate swipe gestures to be used. It could get quite frustrating when you have to remember which button color lit up or what direction the lights are moving toward. Hours and hours of playing will be required before one could fully get the hang of playing this game.


Hasbro has not yet made any announcement regarding warranties and guarantees for this product.

Is It Worth The Money?

Simon Swipe will cost you $20. This is already a reasonable price, considering that you are playing a challenging game with a familiar concept.

Where Can I Buy?

Expect Simon Swipe to be available directly from Hasbro, or check out your favorite online merchants, including Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Memory games will never get old or go out of circulation, and the Simon Swipe is solid proof that they are here to stay.

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