Product Review for the Sesame Street PAL

The Sesame Street PAL (play and learning) system uses
peoples existing tablets (such as iPads) and turns                                                      BeFunky_download.png
them into a hands on learning experience. Designed
for toddlers and young children, its interactive
format helps you to educate and entertain your kids.
Made by Hasbro along with Sesame Workshop
(a non-profit educational organization) it will be
launched along side a whole new range of Sesame Street
products. The PAL system features a case, which the
tablet can be inserted into making it safe and fun.
Simply buy the case and download the app and then let
your children explore a world full of exciting and
informative videos and games.

How Much?

Set to be released in fall, 2013 it is due to retail at around $39.99 for the case and interactive magnifying glass. Additional interactive tools will be sold separately.

Who would buy the Sesame Street PAL?

The new Sesame Street PAL is aimed at young children and pre-schoolers so would be a great buy for anyone with young children. If you want to give them something that helps them to learn while they explore and play.

Things we like about the Sesame Street PAL

Its safety case to enclose the tablet is great for protecting your tablet, with rubber-protected corners and a stand. It can also be used to hide the menu button so your child can’t acidently get onto other apps or programs. There are also two different cases you can buy depending on which tablet you have.

Things we don’t like about the Sesame Street PAL

Due to the fact that it’s not yet been released, it’s hard to say what the individual features are like. One downside so far, is the fact that all the accessories, which make the games more interactive, are all sold separately. The other, is that it only works with a tablet or iPad, so if you don’t own one you can’t use the system. Also the app is only available on android and iOS.


Again, due to the fact it’s still not on sale it’s unknown at this time what the guarantee will be on the PAL system.

Is the Sesame Street PAL worth the money?

Retailing at $39.99 it seems to be good value for money. When it comes to your child’s education this is a great tool to helping them learn while they play. It’s also a great way just to keep them occupied if you have something like a long car journey as the PAL and your tablet are portable.

Where can I buy the Sesame Street PAL?

The PAL will be available on leading online stores, such as It will also be available in most major children’s toy stores.

Customer reviews of the Sesame Street PAL

Since it has not yet been released there are no reviews from people who have tried the Sesame Street PAL. That being said however there are lots of people talking about the PAL, and other new Hasbro Sesame Street collections, and they are eagerly awaiting their arrival.

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