Product Review – RoboMe 


Me is an upcoming robot toy that is going to be
released this year. RoboMe won the Toys 3.0                BeFunky_download.png
award at this year’s Toy Fair, and we expect that
once released, RoboMe will be a verydownload
hot item on the shelves. We absolutely love the
integration of using an iPhone or iOS device
as the “head.” This is something that many
companies are beginning to look into, but it’s
still fresh enough to get

How Much? 

At the current time of this writing, the final price of the
RoboMe is unavailable. Our best guess is around $100. The average price for the RoboMe 3.0 is currently unavailble.

Who Would Buy The RoboMe?

The RoboMe caters to pretty much anybody that is looking for a cool robot to mess around with that
packs a lot of different features. Kids and adults would both love the fun of driving their
RoboMe around with their smartphone attached to it.

Things we like about the RoboMe:

We love the idea that you can use  your iOS device as the head for RoboMe. Something about being able to  control a robot driving around your house with your face on it is just extremely satisfying. We also are excited because we are sure this will
open the doors for developers to write their own apps for RoboMe to further  take advantage of the software that is behind the robot.

Things we did not like about the RoboMe:

We love the concept behind the RoboMe, the design and the idea is definitely there. Unfortunately, we understand that not everyone uses iPhones or iOS devices, and so anyone on the Android market will be left out until further notice. It would be really nice to see the company come out with an update soon with the ability to use an Android device, or possibly create a second line of RoboMe for Android users.


No guarantee at the time of this writing.

Is The RoboMe Worth The Money?

This is difficult to say simply because the final price of the item has not been revealed yet. Our best guess is around $100 give or take. For all of the features that this device packs, we think that this is a very fair asking price for a robot device of this

Where Can I Buy The RoboMe?

Once released to the public, the RoboMe will be available to people on various online sites, such as
More Customer Reviews For The RoboMe:

Many people have praised the technology inside of the RoboMe and the genius of the developers behind the design. Many positive comments have been made about the excitement of the upcoming RoboMe device.

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