Product Review – PowerUp 3.0

The PowerUp 3.0 is a very unique piece of
equipment in the fact that with it, a person                               BeFunky_images.png
can control a paper airplane with their
smartphone device. This is a very fresh
concept, as most people are typically used
to being able to fly model airplanes, even
with their smartphones, but rarely has any
product come out like that, and because of
that,it makes it a very valuable and cool
item to have in your possession. With its
lightweight body and easy complexion, it
makes it easyto carry around and a breeze
to set up. The PowerUp 3.0 is definitely anew
spin on flying airplanes outside (or inside)
and really creates for an exciting time in kids
and adults of all ages.

How Much? 

The PowerUp 3.0 is retailing for around $15.
The average price for the PowerUp 3.0 is approximately $15.

Who Would Buy The PowerUp 3.0?

Most model airplanes are catered to either older teenagers and adults, or folks that know what
they’re doingwhen it comes to flying a remote plane. With the PowerUp 3.0, it’s more catered
to a general demographic, and is very easy to be handled by just about anyone.

Things we like about the PowerUp 3.0:

One of the nicest things about the PowerUp 3.0 is that it is catered to a large audience. You don’t have to  have a lot of knowledge about remote planes, and this is a good starting  place for kids looking to get into the activity. It’s also good for adults who  are just looking for a way to have some outdoor fun, perhaps with their  kids. The PowerUp 3.0 is inexpensive, making it not a burden on your  pocket, and is very easy to put together.

Things we did not like about the PowerUp 3.0:

While there are a lot of  great things to say about PowerUp 3.0, it does pose some concerns. The  kit does have some pretty small parts that do come apart, and can be  easily lost if not careful. This may also pose a small danger to small  children. It also does run off of 3 AA batteries, and because the device is so  small, it’s a bit of a drag that it uses 3 batteries, and not just 2.


No guarantee at the time of this writing.

Is The PowerUp 3.0 Worth The Money?

For around $15 on Amazon, you can’t really go wrong with this device. Some people will love it, and some wont, but at a small price of $15, you hopefully won’t feel too bad if it turns out to not be what you expected.

Where Can I Buy The PowerUp 3.0? is a great place to purchase the PowerUp 3.0 for around $15.

More Customer Reviews For The PowerUp 3.0:

Customer response for this device is mixed to positive mostly. Many people are satisfied with the device, but do stress the small parts and potential hazards to infants and small children.

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