The Metroplex Transformer

Product Review – The Fall of Cybertron Metroplex Transformer

The Transformers series, which is about a                                                   BeFunky_download (3).png
race of sentient machines that are able to
transform into the shape of any vehicle they
scan of comparable size and mass, has been
one of the most popular sci-fi series of the
last nearly-30 years. The series has spawned
numerous cartoon shows, movies, video games,
toys, and more. The Fall of Cybertron Metroplex
Transformer is the largest of all Transformers
in the entire series and has repeatedly been
voted by fans as one of the coolest of the entire
cast, and in honor of the series’ 30 year anniversary,
Hasbro is releasing Metroplex in grand fashion.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

Set to be released in August of 2013, Metroplex will be the most complex and largest Transformer toy ever released. He will stand at exactly 24 inches tall and will include a Scamper legend scale figure. Metroplex will have 3 modes he can transform into: carrier, robot, and city, and he will have complete interactivity. His eyes will light up; he has independent weapon turrets and a functional helmet; he will talk and make various sounds; and much more.

How Much?

Metroplex will retail for $125.

Things We Like About Metroplex

The Metroplex Transformer is one of the most beloved characters in the series, and Hasbro has taken that love to heart. The sheer level of complexity and interactivity is staggering, and kids and adults alike will spend hours with him. His ability to fully transform into the carrier, city, and robot – all three vastly different results – is especially impressive (though, no doubt, his size helps with that considerably).

Things We Did Not Like About Metroplex

Really, what’s not to like? The only possible issue might be that Metroplex is cost-prohibitive. At $125, he isn’t a small investment, though it won’t cause fans to pause at all. He is also not appropriate for younger children, however much they might love him.

Who Would Buy Metroplex?

Transformers fans and robot lovers, in general, will flock to buy Metroplex. He is big and expensive enough, impulse purchases will be rare. Collectors will also grab him as quickly as they can to add the newest and certainly most impressive member of the Transformers cast to their set.


Metroplex will have the same comprehensive warranty against defects and other issues that all Hasbro products carry.

Is Metroplex Worth the Money?

At $125, this addition to the Transformers series of toys isn’t cheap. However, considering the complexity Hasbro has managed to include, it’s surprising they’re managing to sell it that cheap!

Where Can I Buy Metroplex?

Generally speaking, all major retailers that sell Transformers merchandise should sell Metroplex, including online retailers such as Amazon. He will also be available from smaller, toy-specific websites.

More Customer Reviews for Metroplex

Metroplox has been a fan-favorite of the Transformers series for years, and those fans are positively giddy at the prospect of bringing him home at all, much less in the grand style Hasbro is releasing him in!

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Product Review – Cuddles, My Giggly Monkey

The FurReal Friends line of toys by Hasbro is,                                           BeFunky_download (2).png
at heart, an interactive, animatronic toy series.
Each member, be they a puppy or pony, has a huge
variety of programmed behaviors that respond to
specific stimuli. The newest member of the series,
however, Cuddles, My Giggly Monkey, raises the bar
for animatronics and kids toys, in general

Let’s take a look at some of the features

When released in the fall of 2013, Cuddles will be one of the most technologically advanced toys available. She has been designed to be about the size of an actual baby monkey and has over 100 unique sounds and phrases that have been programmed to fit various stimuli. When a kid rocks Cuddles, she will eventually shut her eyes and fall to sleep (though, if they’ve been playing a bunch recently, it will take longer); when swung around, Cuddles will make excited monkey sounds; and when the included bottle is placed to her mouth, she will move her lips and make realistic slurping sounds. Her responses are nearly endless, and kids will find Cuddles to be a constant and lifelike companion!

How Much?

Cuddles is due to be released in the fall of 2013, and the expected suggested retail price is $79.99.

Things We Like About Cuddles, My Giggly Monkey

How lifelike and realistic she is! The learning potential for kids is nearly unlimited as Cuddles acts with them very similarly to how those same kids act with their own parents, needing attention, feeding, sleep and play time, and more. It’s highly likely children will learn valuable lessons in responsibility and nurturing without even realizing it.

Things We Did Not Like About Cuddles, My Giggly Monkey

The expected retail price of $79.99 may be a turn-off to some, more frugal parents. Additionally, Cuddles isn’t quiet, by any means, and parents may find the noise output potentially wearisome.

Who Would Buy Cuddles, My Giggly Monkey?

Animatronics fans and parents of kids over 4 years old who love monkeys will love Cuddles! Also, parents who wish to teach their kids responsibility and other values will find her a helpful tool to that end. With all the technological advances, expect to see this loveable monkey on the Most Wanted Toys lists of 2013.


Hasbro has a longstanding history of integrity and quality and will definitely include a thorough warranty when Cuddles is released to the public.

Is Cuddles, My Giggly Monkey Worth the Money?

While the initial price tag seems relatively high, consumers will be getting one of the most technologically advanced animatronic toys available. With that in mind, as well as the endless hours of entertainment Cuddle’s promises, the price tag seems fair.

Where Can I Buy Cuddles, My Giggly Monkey?

With the expected level of popularity, probably a better question to ask would be where won’t you be able to buy Cuddles? Anticipate seeing her in all major and local retailers, as well as in many online stores like Amazon, though expect stock to go quick!

More Customer Reviews for Cuddles, My Giggly Monkey

Both parents and technophiles are excited about the release of Cuddles, and consumers can expect her to be one of the hottest toy releases of the year!

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Beam Box Console

Product Review – Transformers: Rescue Bots Beam Box

The Transformers: Rescue Bots series is a                                                    BeFunky_download (1).png
spin-off of the main Transformers series
that caters more towards a younger audience.
The series teaches such lessons as nonviolent
conflict resolution, teamwork and cooperation,
friendship, and various other values. The
Transformers: Rescue Bots Beam Box game system
is, at its heart, a video game console system
that allows children from 3 to 7 years old take
control of their favorite Bots and help them
progress through various mini-games.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

The Beam Box console is not like any video game console that has been released to date. It is the first to be specifically designed for preschoolers and toddlers, and its features reflect that. The actual console appears to be a loading dock, and the game cartridges are Transformers robots (as opposed to regular square cartridges). Kids plug their Transformer of choice into the loading dock, hit the loading button on the top to close the gate, and their Transformer gets beamed the television screen! The controller is wireless and consists of only a directional button and a single action button.

How Much?

Since the set is designed for a young audience, Playskool intends for it to be as accessible as possible. With that in mind, the initial console, which includes Optimus Prime, is only $49.99, and each subsequent Transformer is only $6.99.

Things We Like About Beam Box

Kids will find the experience of plugging their favorite Transformer into the loading dock and then watching it appear on the screen amazing, and the all-encompassing simplicity is great. The set hooks up to TVs with ease, and kids will find the learning curve to actually play to be nearly nonexistent.

Things We Did Not Like About Beam Box

It’s hard to find anything to dislike about the set, considering how perfectly it’s designed for younger kids. The only potential problem may be that many parents have been searching for ways to keep their kids off the television instead of making it even more appealing.

Who Would Buy Beam Box?

The Beam Box system can connect to any television, and, while the mini-games are single player, families can make playtime into a group experience with parents side-seat gaming. The average age of gamers has progressively increased, and the majority of video game connoisseurs now have children of their own. Hesitant to expose their kids to the hyper-violent games of today, many of those parents will likely welcome a way to share their love of video games with their kids.


Though none has been announced as of yet, the set will most definitely have a comprehensive warranty to protect against defects and other issues.

Is Beam Box Worth the Money?

Considering the initial investment is only $49.99 for the only video game console system specifically designed for young children, and subsequent games are only $6.99, the answer to this question is a resounding yes!

Where Can I Buy Beam Box?

The Beam Box system will be available at all major toy retailers, both online and physical, across the country, including Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon and many others!

More Customer Reviews for Beam Box

Despite the fact that the Beam Box system is due to be released in the fall of 2013, customer anticipation is already high. Parents, kids, and video game enthusiasts are excited to discover what lies ahead!

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Product Review – Stuffies

In this day and age of hyperactivity and excessive
violence in kid’s toys, it’s refreshing to find a
plush toy series that promotes important values
instead. The Stuffies series of plush animals offersBeFunky_download.png
a total of 11 choices, including Bravo the Bear,
Stomper the Dino, and Muddzie the Pig. In addition
to the unique pockets each Stuffie has, from whence
the series derives its name, each member promotes a
specific value, such as perseverance, helpfulness,
patience, and more, and includes a related storybook.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

Stuffies are the ideal children’s plush toy for a number of reasons. On the surface, they are supersized, incredibly soft, adorable animals. Stuffies proceed on the notion that “it’s what inside that counts” however, so the outward appearance is just the beginning. Each Stuffie has 7 top-secret pockets of varying sizes so kids can hide treasures for safe keeping, bring additional toys on road trips, and more. Additionally, each one includes a special surprise gift and an interactive storybook that relates to the individual Stuffie’s value.

How Much?

Stuffie’s suggested retail price is $49.95, and they include free shipping.

Things We Like About Stuffies

That they are not mere plush animals is what makes Stuffies truly shine. Certainly, they are huge, soft, and incredibly cute, but in addition to those, each Stuffie teaches kids the importance of a variety of values. And on top of each Stuffie’s stated value, children also learn organizational skills as they studiously decide which valuables to put in which secret pocket.

Things We Did Not Like About Stuffies

While Stuffies go on sale with relative frequency, the suggested retail price might be off-putting to some, more frugal parents.

Who Would Buy Stuffies?

Parents of kids of any age will love Stuffies! They have no small parts for younger children to put in their mouths, and they include the pockets and storybooks for older kids.


Stuffies include a full 60-day money back guarantee.

Are Stuffies Worth the Money?

Stuffies are durable, easy to clean, and great for all ages. Kids can learn about valuable life skills while playing with an adorable plush bumblebee or dinosaur and filling their unique pockets. It’s hard to find a better value for your money.

Where Can I Buy Stuffies?

Consumers can purchase Stuffies from the company’s main website as well as reputable online stores, such as

More Customer Reviews for Stuffies

In addition to the plethora of individuals who have purchased Stuffies and absolutely fell in love, the series has won The National Parenting Center’s 2012 Seal

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Romper Zombies

Product Review: Romper Zombies

The new Romper Zombie dolls are not quite                                                    BeFunky_download (3).png
what you would expect for a new range of
kids dolls. Looking like some sort of cross
between 28 Days Later and the Cabbage Patch
Kids, they manage to somehow be cute and
repulsive at the same time. There will be
24 zombies and 6 zombie hunters to make up
the whole collection.These little 8 inch
resin figures are children that have acidently
become zombies. With each character being named
alphabetically, the first one being Andie
Anderson. The collection has a detailed story
behind the figures including how each child
became a zombie. There are currently four
figures to see but plans for the rest are underway.

How Much?

These Romper Zombies are set to retail at around $34.99.

Who would buy these Romper Zombies?

Mainly aimed at young children, especially boys around 8+, these dolls have instead gathered fans from people of all ages. The amazing attention to detail has had everyone amazed. From the brains on Andie Anderson, to the heart little Bobbie Blayblok is carrying around. These hard resin dolls are even robust making them great for younger kids who can acidently break other collectable toys.

Things we like about the Romper Zombies.

As mentioned before the attention to detail on these little Romper Zombies is outstanding. The paint work is truly brilliant from their clothing, to the details work on the zombie skin, really makes them look like the un-dead. The individual characters also have their own little background stories. They also have articulated arms waists and sometimes necks.

Things we did not like the Romper Zombies.

It’s hard to find a fault with these little zombies however the idea of giving zombies to the kids may not appeal to some parents. Some younger children may also be put off by finding them a little scary and gruesome.


As the Romper Zombies are aimed at children as a toy it’s unlikely that they will come with a guarantee unless there is a fault on them.

Are the Romper Zombies worth the money?

Some people may be thinking that $34.99 for an action doll type of toy may be a bit steep but these little guys come with a few extras. There are plans for an online game about the Romper Zombies. When you purchase a doll you’ll get what looks to be a phone number but is actually a code you have to break to access the game and to determine who the zombies will attack.

Where can I buy the Romper Zombies?

So far four of the zombies are available to buy from their website, the first three zombies and Georgie Gory- the first of the zombie hunters. They plan to release the remaining 20, one at a time, over the next year or so. They’ll be available on their website and at major toy stores as and when they’re are released.

More customer reviews for Romper Zombies.

It’s safe to say that these little zombies are getting good reviews. People seem to like how the have managed to keep these unique zombies almost looking cute. As well as the fact that it has the tie-in of the online game.“The sculpting is incredibly tight and well-finished, while the paint job is diverse and anything but lazy. Little creative touches like a heart inside a baseball glove, intricately weaved curly hair, or the buttons on a shirt make these figures live up to high expectations.”

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Mr Fusion ‘home energy reactor’

Product Review – Mr Fusion Replica

For anyone that’s a fan of Back to the Future                                                       BeFunky_download (2).png
you’ll know exactly what this is. If you’re not
though then this is a replica of the Mr Fusion
‘home energy reactor’ a device created in the
film for turning rubbish into nuclear power.
The replica is being made by Diamond Select
Toys who have previously made other Back to
the Future props.Currently when you lift the
lid it plays the same sound as it did in the
movie, and they are now working on a smoke feature.
this would mean as well as the noise it would release
smoke. So far only a few photos of the replica are
available, all taken from the New York Toy Fair.
These photos show how early it is in the development
stage as there is even a sign saying “pending licensor approval”.

How much?

The Mr Fusion replica is still in advanced prototype stage so it is unclear yet what it will cost.

Who would buy the Mr Fusion replica?

Any fan of the Back to the Future trilogy would be tempted by this piece of movie memorabilia. Although it obviously doesn’t create energy like it does in the film the Mr Fusion replica does have some fun features. It would make a great addition for anyone who collects Back to the Future themed items, or for collectors of movie props and replicas.

Things we like about the Mr Fusion replica.

Diamond Select Toys are trying to make this replica as accurate to the film as possible, and appear to be listening to the fans when inaccuracies have been pointed out. The finished product is set to have the appearance of the real thing, complete with sound effects and smoke.

Things we did not like about the Mr Fusion replica.

Despite their effort to make the replica accurate first glimpses have had fans noting that the base is not quite right and that there are screw holes where there shouldn’t be. However due to the fact it is still in early development faults at this stage can be forgiven if they are fixed before its release.


There is no news on whether the Mr Fusion will come with a guarantee yet. So it’s worth checking this out again closer to the release date.

Is the Mr Fusion replica worth the money?

As of yet no price has been release so it’s hard to say whether it will be worth the money. For serious fans though, as long as they keep the replica as close to the movie as possible, it’s almost certain it will be worth the money to those that want their own piece of the movie.

Where can I buy Mr Fusion replica?

With not even a definite release date yet it’s not certain where you will be able to buy the Mr Fusion. With its planned release in the last quarter of 2013 it should be available on major online stores and collectors shops.

More customer reviews for the Mr Fusion replica.

Due to still being at such an early development stage a lot of people are holding out on commenting until the final product is revealed. The reviews out there are mainly all positive with a few people just pointing out how it could be made more true to the movie.“Fans are willing to put up with a late release, as long as the final product is more screen accurate, instead of rushing this existing prototype into final production.”

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Cookie Monster Food Train

Product Review – Cookie Monster Food Train

Sesame Street has contributed some of the most lasting                                            BeFunky_download (1).png
and memorable children’s characters in modern history.
For over 40 years, the show has continued promoting
basic ideals and teaching kids fundamental skills
that serve them well into their adult years and
numerous related toys have spawned as a result.
The Cookie Monster Food Train, available in the
fall of 2013, is set to be one part of the latest
incarnation of those toys.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

The Cookie Monster Food Train is one part of the Sesame Street Roads and Rails collection. It is a train set that can operate as a stand-alone toy, or it can connect to the larger Elmo Junction. The set has children pushing Cookie Monster as he drives a food train across the rails and talks about his favorite foods. The attachable rail car can attach to the Elmo Junction train set, and it includes a removable crate of bananas so kids can feel like they’re really hauling something.

How Much?

While the set can be used separately, it is intended as an attachment to the main Elmo Junction set. As such, it has a suggested retail price of $16.99, considerably less than the parent set.

Things We Like About Cookie Monster Food Train

Kids love collecting sets, and the Cookie Monster Food Train feeds that desire. Children who get the food train will want to continue the collection with Elmo Junction and the other segments. The included crate of bananas and the soundtracks that play as the train is pushed across the track demonstrate that Cookie Monster has branched out his eating habits to include more natural sweets instead of his traditional cookie-gobbling.

Things We Did Not Like About Cookie Monster Food Train

The fact that Cookie Monster Food Train is part of a set could potentially be a drawback as parents might not want the potential commitment of purchasing the entire series.

Who Would Buy Cookie Monster Food Train?

Parents with kids who love trains (which is pretty much every parent) will love Cookie Monster’s latest vehicle.


The set is being produced and released by Hasbro, a company with a longstanding dedication to quality and reliability. While no official guarantees have been released as of yet, consumers can rest assured it will have a thorough one.

Is Cookie Monster Food Train Worth the Money?

As a standalone set, the Cookie Monster Food Train costs less than $20. Considering the entertainment kids can expect, that’s an excellent price.

Where Can I Buy Cookie Monster Food Train?

All major retailers, both physical and online, that currently sell Sesame Street and other Hasbro products will have the food train.

More Customer Reviews for Cookie Monster Food Train

Sesame Street toys have long been huge favorites for kids and parents alike, and the Cookie Monster Food Train promises to continue that tradition when it’s released!

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Sesame Street PAL

Product Review for the Sesame Street PAL

The Sesame Street PAL (play and learning) system uses
peoples existing tablets (such as iPads) and turns                                                      BeFunky_download.png
them into a hands on learning experience. Designed
for toddlers and young children, its interactive
format helps you to educate and entertain your kids.
Made by Hasbro along with Sesame Workshop
(a non-profit educational organization) it will be
launched along side a whole new range of Sesame Street
products. The PAL system features a case, which the
tablet can be inserted into making it safe and fun.
Simply buy the case and download the app and then let
your children explore a world full of exciting and
informative videos and games.

How Much?

Set to be released in fall, 2013 it is due to retail at around $39.99 for the case and interactive magnifying glass. Additional interactive tools will be sold separately.

Who would buy the Sesame Street PAL?

The new Sesame Street PAL is aimed at young children and pre-schoolers so would be a great buy for anyone with young children. If you want to give them something that helps them to learn while they explore and play.

Things we like about the Sesame Street PAL

Its safety case to enclose the tablet is great for protecting your tablet, with rubber-protected corners and a stand. It can also be used to hide the menu button so your child can’t acidently get onto other apps or programs. There are also two different cases you can buy depending on which tablet you have.

Things we don’t like about the Sesame Street PAL

Due to the fact that it’s not yet been released, it’s hard to say what the individual features are like. One downside so far, is the fact that all the accessories, which make the games more interactive, are all sold separately. The other, is that it only works with a tablet or iPad, so if you don’t own one you can’t use the system. Also the app is only available on android and iOS.


Again, due to the fact it’s still not on sale it’s unknown at this time what the guarantee will be on the PAL system.

Is the Sesame Street PAL worth the money?

Retailing at $39.99 it seems to be good value for money. When it comes to your child’s education this is a great tool to helping them learn while they play. It’s also a great way just to keep them occupied if you have something like a long car journey as the PAL and your tablet are portable.

Where can I buy the Sesame Street PAL?

The PAL will be available on leading online stores, such as It will also be available in most major children’s toy stores.

Customer reviews of the Sesame Street PAL

Since it has not yet been released there are no reviews from people who have tried the Sesame Street PAL. That being said however there are lots of people talking about the PAL, and other new Hasbro Sesame Street collections, and they are eagerly awaiting their arrival.

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Once Upon A Zombie

Product Review for Once Upon A Zombie

Once Upon A Zombie are fairy-tale dolls with a twist.                                       BeFunky_images.png
So far there are zombie versions of well known Disney
princess characters such as: Snow White, Cinderella,
Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, The Little Mermaid.
Based on the book trilogy of the same title, written
by Billy Phillips, the dolls, books and digital game
are set to be all the rage. The story behind the franchise
is that something has gone wrong in Fairy-tale Land and
everyone is turning into zombies and that one human has
to save the day. These collectors’ dolls are made by
WOWWEE and will be 11 inches tall, with articulated
limbs that bend to make the doll pose the way you want.
The first sets of dolls to be released are zombie versions
of six of the most popular Disney princesses. Complete with
flowing hair, glass eyes and skull belts. They are even packaged in tombstone shaped plastic.

How Much?

Set to be released this summer they are due to retail at $20-$30. The doll comes complete with a stand and with a zombie style hair brush.

Who would buy Once Upon A Zombie?

The great thing about these dolls is that they appeal to people of all ages, from children, to teens and even adult collectors. Though mainly aimed at junior collectors, fans of the books are sure to want a doll to accompany the book. They would also make a fantastic addition to any adult collector’s shelves.

Things we like about Once Upon A Zombie

The funky twist they provide on the regular princess makes these dolls unusual and unique compared to most other dolls. The attention to detail on the dolls is outstanding, with their long locks, glass eyes, eyelashes and zombified dresses.As well as the Disney princesses there will also eventually be other characters such as Aladdin, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and a few others. Only sneak peek photos of these have been released yet though.

Things we don’t like about the Once Upon A Zombie

It’s hard to find a fault with these Once Upon A Time dolls as they have yet to be released. However their quirky style might not be to every ones tastes. People have also complained that they don’t come with shoes.


Due to the fact these dolls have yet to be released there is currently no information on whether these dolls will come with a guarantee, or if they do what it would be.

Are the Once Upon A Zombie dolls worth the money?

These fun and funky dolls are definitely worth the money, are reasonably priced and with all their unique details they are set to become popular.

Where can I buy Once Upon A Zombie?

Once Upon A Zombie dolls are due to be released August 2013. The will be available online, at Wal-Mart, Target and at most major toy stores.

Customer reviews of Once Upon A Zombie dolls.

Since they have yet to be released there are no customer reviews on these dolls. However the vast majority of comments about these dolls are positive, with people looking forward to when they are available for purchase.

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Lone Ranger Figurines

Product Review – Lone Ranger Figurines

The Lone Ranger Figurines are some of the best action figures                                    BeFunky_images (2).png
inspired from the seventies. These figures are so lifelike
they take you right back to the adventures of the masked
lawman and his Indian companion. All the Lone Ranger figurines
are very fine and incredibly detailed. The supporting animal
cast in this series is as impressive as the human figures. Each
one of the Lone Ranger figurines is a masterpiece and a remarkable
collectible item.

Let’s Take a Look at Some of the Features

The Lone Ranger figures include a dynamic range of characters. The figures are around 7 inches tall. They are also available in 18 inch size, which is even more detailed. The Lone Ranger figurines are dressed in proper western outfits. These costumes are true replicas of what the cowboys and rangers wore during the old west times. Cowboy hats, long riding boots, pistols, guns, swords and belts are mainly included in all the outfits.

How Much?

As the Lone Ranger figures are collectible items, their prices vary. The average price of the figurine is somewhere around $85.

Things We Like About Lone Ranger Figurines

The best thing about Lone Ranger Figurines is that many impressive details have been put into all them. They take you right into the Wild West adventures. Also, the Lone Ranger Figurines include beautiful horses and steeds, equipped with action saddles, to create a complete western setting. Most of the animal cast comes packaged with their human companions.

Things We Did Not Like About Lone Ranger Figurines

The only negative point of the Lone Ranger Figurines is that the 7 inch figures are not as detailed as the 18 inch ones. The shorter figures do not have as many moving parts as the taller ones.

Who Would Buy Lone Ranger Figurines

All of the Lone Ranger fans who have watched the famous Lone Ranger series on TV, or heard on the radio, would love to collect these Lone Ranger Figurines. Readers of the novel based on the series and the Lone Ranger comics would also find the figurines exciting. These figurines would also be the ultimate treat for enthusiastic fans of the upcoming Disney movie, The Lone Ranger.


These figurines will come with a return policy dependent on the retailer.

Are Lone Ranger Figurines Worth The Money?

Yes! Definitely! These figures are fine, true imitations of the famous Lone Ranger characters, and are worthy collectible items. With the upcoming movie, these figures will gain much popularity. It is about time you invest in these action figures, and be a proud owner of the famous Lone Ranger figurines.

Where Can I Buy the Lone Ranger Figurines?

You can easily buy the Lone Ranger figurines online. The figures are available on a number of websites as collectible items. Finding them in retail stores can be a bit challenging now. However, after the movie release, we may find them in toy stores too.

More Customer Reviews for Lone Ranger Figurines

Most of the customers find the Lone Ranger figurines to be very much exciting, as if taken right from the times of the Wild West. Customers praise the quality and details of each figure, specially the impressive costumes. The animal cast is very attractive and there are even more fans of the horses and steeds.

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