Artsee Studio Review

Product Review – Artsee Studio

Millions of iPads have been sold over the last few years,                                       BeFunky_download.png
and today’s children are among the most avid users of
the device. As much as technology has evolved over the
ears, however, one thing has remained the same: kids still
love to draw and color. Artsee Studio joins the two areas
by letting kids do one of their oldest pastimes on a
relatively new device.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

Artsee Studio is both an app and a physical mount the iPad fits into. While not required to use the free app, the protective mount and included artistic tools definitely enhance the experience. The mount has a handle on the top, is rounded plastic that securely encases the iPad within, and has slots that securely hold all the included tools. The tools include five stamps that all perform different functions, such as adding sound or animation, and a stylus that can be used as a pen, pencil, paint brush, and several others. The app itself is incredibly easy to use with all options labeled clearly. It includes a number of drawing templates, such as underwater and safari; kids can load the template, fill in the details, and then make those details come alive and make sounds!

How Much?

The app is free, and the mount and drawing tools cost $39.99 with free shipping at the time of this review.

Things We Like About Artsee Studio

The fact that kids can draw, color, and create designs with an app specifically designed for them is good enough, but the fact that they can then add sounds and animation to their creations is definitely one of the coolest things about Artsee Studio. The mount and tools are also very well made, designed to keep iPads safely protected and secure without being cramped or restricting usage at all.

Things We Did Not Like About Artsee Studio

There really is nothing to dislike about Artsee Studio! If anything, parents may want to oversee younger children as they use it. While the mounting case protects the iPad from falls and bumps, and the tools are rounded plastic designed for drawing, the screen is still open and vulnerable to scratching from any surrounding objects.

Who Would Buy Artsee Studio?

Artsee Studio is only compatible with all generations of the iPad, so ownership of said tablet is a prerequisite. After that, kids with a passion for drawing – which is most kids – will absolutely fall in love with it.


WowWee, the company behind Artsee Studio, offers a 30 day full refund for unopened products as well as a refund less 10% for opened products. The company will exchange any defective products for free, as well.

Is Artsee Studio Worth the Money?

Considering the security of the mount and the plethora of functions performed by the numerous tools, the price tag is very reasonable.

Where Can I Buy Artsee Studio?

The app is available from Apple’s iTunes store, while the mount and tools package is only available from WowWee’s online store as well as Amazon.

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At the time of this review, Artsee Studio is on backorder for the next month, and there is no greater testament to its popularity and potential than that!

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Imaginext Apptivity Fortress

Product Review – Imaginext Apptivity Fortress

A rising trend in kid’s toys is combining electronic                                        BeFunky_download (2).png
features with real world toys. Many toy manufacturers
have taken notice of the exploding tablet market and
have designed toys to incorporate them. The results
are some of the most immersive and fun toys for
children ever released. The Imaginext Apptivity
Fortress is one such toy that connects to iPads
(compatibility with other tablet types has not
been announced yet) and uses it to create a medieval
world for the child to explore. With it, kids can
roam around the castle halls, visit with the king,
fight orcs and trolls, fly on their own dragon over
the mountains of the kingdom, and even engage in
two-player duels with friends and family. The connected
app is still in relatively early development but already
has a wealth of games and places to explore, and it’s a
sure bet that Fisher Price will keep expanding them.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

The base of the Apptivity Fortress is a classic-looking castle. It includes two detachable cannons and a fully armored knight with sword at the ready. Even without the iPad, kids can spend hours pretending to defend their keep from evil hordes of knights, dragons, ogres, or any other enemy. The two cannons can be placed on top of each of the two towers, and one can be plugged into the flat base in the front where the iPad interactivity takes place.After installing the free app, the iPad is placed in a mount which only displays the screen. Because the screen is surrounded by the castle, kids are able to greatly increase their immersion. The fortress operates in both horizontal and vertical modes, both with fun and unique games to play and places to check out. Vertical mode is where the attached cannon comes into play with enemies approaching on the screen and kids fighting them back. It is controlled by only a single button with one on each side to accommodate left and right handed kids. In horizontal mode, the screen folds down flat, and kids can walk or fly around the castle actually using their knight on the screen.There is so much to do in the fortress, it would be hard to list it all, and the amount only promises to grow!

How Much?

Due to be released in the fall of 2013, the Imaginext Apptivity Fortress will have a suggested retail price of $49.99. The app will be free to download, though, of course, consumers will require an iPad to download it onto. Individuals can also purchase additional characters, the Archer, Troll, and Wizard, each of which will unlock additional games and areas and will cost $9.99

Things We Like About Imaginext Apptivity Fortress

Millions of parents have purchased iPads over the last few years, and many of those parents have been quite understandably apprehensive about letting their younger children play with them. The Apptivity Fortress takes a stab at solving that problem and succeeds quite admirably. It is rated for kids from 3 to 7, and its design and simplicity reflect that. Fisher Price designed the app to operate as intuitively as possible, and children will be able to play without any learning curve. The two-player dueling feature is also excellent as it allows parents and friends to engage with their kids. With the amount of potential activities already included, the Apptivity Fortress promises to provide hours of fun and entertainment.

Things We Did Not Like About Imaginext Apptivity Fortress

It is unclear as of yet whether the fortress will include any sort of screen protector for the attached iPad. If not, purchasers may want to invest in one themselves to protect against any potential scratching from kids pulling the plastic knight across it (the knight is made of plastic with rounded edges, but with a device as costly as the iPad, it’s usually better to be safe than sorry).

Who Would Buy Imaginext Apptivity Fortress?

Since the fortress works exclusively with the iPad, owners with younger kids will have the most interest.


While no official word has been released regarding a guarantee yet, the fortress is being released by Fisher Price, one of the largest and most reputable toy companies in the world.

Is Imaginext Apptivity Fortress Worth the Money?

For those who already own an iPad, the $49.99 price tag for the fortress is very reasonable. It’d be hard to imagine someone purchasing an iPad exclusively to use with it, though.

Where Can I Buy Imaginext Apptivity Fortress?

The fortress will be available from all major toy and department stores such as Walmart, Target and online retailers such as Amazon.

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So many iPads are owned by parents of younger children, and those parents are very excited about the release of the Imaginext Apptivity Fortress. It promises to be one of the most popular toys of the fall season!

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Product Review – iFirehouse.

As the name suggests iFirehouse has been designed to                                               BeFunky_download (1).png
work with iPad, iPods and iPhones. It’s an interactive
app that allows children to own their own firehouse.
As well as the app though, they have released an
iFirehouse play case. The play case even comes with
little figurine of a fireman, a fire chief or a firehouse dog.

Each room in the iFirehouse has different activities and
games for a child to play with. Such as:

• Putting out fires, where the child can practise their fire fighting skills.

• Feeding the dog

• Playing hopscotch

• Painting the firehouse, where children can choose what colours they want in each room.

• Choosing their own fire trucks

The figurine that comes with the play case can also be put into the game by scanning the doll’s code. This allows children to interact with the digital version of their figures inside the app.The iFirehouse app requires iOS 5.0 or later and can be played independently of the play case. This virtual firehouse dolls house allows children to take it with them where ever they go unlike traditional doll houses.The iFirehouse has 6 rooms with each room having interactive areas and options for the child to customize it. For example the photo frames shown in the background of the app can be changed to show a photo previously taken on the tablet.

How much?

The iFirehouse app costs just $0.99 from iTunes. The play case and its free figurine cost $19.99.

Who would buy the iFirehouse?

Aimed at young boys the iFirehouse is sure to be loved by any child with a love of fire trucks. Every small boy at some time or other has had a fascination for the big red trucks that zoom by with their sirens wailing. So this portable version of a fire station will be like owning their very own fire station.

Things we like about the iFirehouse

What’s great about this is that unlike a lot of games, where the case is needed for the features to function properly. The iFirehouse app is all that the child needs to play this game.Children growing up today are surrounded by technology and new games but the iFirehouse, while being played on an iPad still has the feel of being like a dolls house rather than just a new game. Also due to the fact that the iPad is portable children will be able to play with the iFirehouse app where ever they are. This will help parents on long journeys or flights to keep their children amused.The play case that is bought separately is a great way for children to be able to carry the iPad as the top of the case is a handle. This helps to protect the iPad as well as making it easier for children to handle. The figure that comes free with the case and can be scanned to create a virtual version is fantastic as children’s friends can also scan their dolls into the game. This allows two children and their two scanned in virtual friends to play together.

Things we did not like about the iFirehouse

While the iFirehouse is a great interactive fire station its features such as washing the fire truck could get old quite fast. With some children preferring games that have more features that unlock as they play the game.It is also only compatible with Apples iPhones and iPads. This means that other tablets will not be able to play the iFirehouse app. This could be a disappointment as it means children will not be able to play on other tablets.


Due to the fact that the iFirehouse is an app it won’t come with a guarantee. Once you’ve bought it though it will be stored in your apple account so even if your iPad breaks the game will be able to transfer to a new iPad.

Is the iFirehouse worth the money?

At only $0.99 for the app it’s defiantly worth the money. Allowing children to be able to play with their fire station no matter where they are.

Where can I buy the iFirehouse?

The iFirehouse app is available from apples iTunes for just $0.99.The play case made by AppVentures is available from their website and also at Amazon.

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Parents love the fact that although still being modern the iFirehouse is a great way for their children to enjoy the same sort of entertainment that they did while growing up. Its cheap price defiantly works in its favour as an app that’s less than a dollar is always a bonus. It’s a great way of blending the modern world with the traditional to make something both children and adults will appreciate.

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Product Review – iDollhouse

One of the most rapidly growing trends with children’s                                      BeFunky_download.png
toys is taking advantage of the exploding popularity
of tablets and smartphones and designing toys that
incorporate and work in conjunction with those devices.
A variety of toys that combine with tablets and smartphones
are already available, and many more are slated for release
in the near future.iDollhouse is one such toy that requires
either an iPad or iPhone. At its base, it is an app that
creates an interactive dollhouse for kids. They can roam
around, decorate, and personalize the many rooms and play
with their virtual dolls. To add to the experience, parents
can purchase the AppVentures iPad/iPhone Play Case, a
protective case that looks like the outside of the dollhouse. Physical dolls
are also available which can be scanned and ported into the app itself.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

Kids can do just about everything and more with iDollhouse that they can with a real dollhouse. Kids can have their virtual dolls do all sorts of activities in the house, including play in the backyard on the see-saw, sandbox, or slide; bake cookies or cakes, make lunch, or eat breakfast in the kitchen; play dress-up and do up their hair; have parties; and much more. The dollhouse itself can also be customized and decorated with the many included options. Kid can even take actual photos of themselves or their families with the device and then import those pictures to display in the picture frames on the walls.While not required to use the actual iDollhouse app, the AppVentures iPad/iPhone Play Case adds to the fun of using the app while encasing the device in a protective shell. The case is definitely helpful for use in the car or elsewhere on the go, especially with the carrying handle on top. Additionally, a free doll to add to the family is included with each case.For those who wish to add to their virtual family, physical dolls can be purchased, each of which includes a scannable QR code. Upon scanning, the actual doll is imported into the app as a virtual addition to the family!

How Much?

The iDollhouse app alone is only 99 cents. It is included for free with the AppVentures iPad/iPhone Play Case which is $19.99 plus $9.99 shipping and handling. It is unknown as of yet exactly how much the additional dolls cost, but they will likely only be a few dollars at the most.

Things We Like About iDollhouse

Many of the toys being released that either incorporate or depend on electronic device usage have little flexibility with the types of devices they are compatible with. Many toys require a tablet and only a tablet, for instance. iDollhouse and the accompanying AppVentures Play Case, however, are a big exception to that rule. The app functions on all Apple smartphones and tablets except the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, and added functionality is on the way for Android device users. Also, the Play Case is available is sizes to fit both tablets and smartphones.The feature to scan actual dolls to include them in the virtual family is very cool and promises to excite kids everywhere.Additionally, it’s just nice to see such an influx of toys designed to let kids use and have fun with electronic devices previously out of their reach, and the extra accessories, such as the Play Case, make it even better!

Things We Did Not Like About iDollhouse

There is really not much to dislike about iDollhouse and the Play Cases. If anything, kids may want to play with their family and decorate their house so much, they may drain the device’s batteries fairly quickly. Additionally, since the app is rated for kids 4 years and up, parents will want to take precautions against any accidental scratches showing up on their expensive devices.

Who Would Buy iDollhouse?

Any parent with an Apple tablet or smartphone and a child that loves creating their own environments and instructing their own family will love iDollhouse!


Neither iDollhouse nor the Play Cases have any type of warranty or guarantee, though, since iDollhouse is sold through the Apple Store, should any issues develop with the app, users can contact admin there for support.

Is iDollhouse Worth the Money?

Considering what the app delivers for only 99 cents, it is most definitely worth the cost! The $19.99 price tag of the Play Case is also reasonable for the protection and added fun it offers, though the $9.99 shipping and handling cost seems a bit excessive.

Where Can I Buy iDollhouse?

At the moment, iDollhouse is available only from the Apple Store, and the Play Case is only available from AppVenture’s website ( In the near future, however, the app will be available from the Google Store, and the case will be available at all major online retailers like Amazon as well.

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iDollhouse delivers all the fun, interactivity, and creativity of a traditional dollhouse without the typically huge investment in space. Parents and kids alike are loving it and eagerly awaiting future additions!

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Product Review – BotSee

While BotSee may just appear to be a tablet stand it                                                BeFunky_images (1).png
is in fact much more than that. Each BotSee is
uniquely made and they learn and evolve while children
play with them, so each one develops their own
personalities. It’s designed to be able to hold almost
all forms of tablets with its adjustable arms. Just
download the app onto the tablet or iPad and then connect
it to BotSee.BotSee has many different game modes and can
even be used on its own without the tablet. One of the
games is a colouring game, at the start of this a black
and white line drawing will appear. On this mode children
have to show BotSee the colour they want. For example if
they show the yellow side of a cube, BotSee will colour
in everything that’s yellow. If they show the red, then
anything red will be coloured in. This is a great way for children to learn their colours.Another game is a food game, on this mode BotSee will display a picture of food, such as grapes, and the child has to show the corresponding picture. This type of interactive learning is not only great fun but helps with cognitive learning.There is also a game mode all about the alphabet where children can hold up a card with the letter on and BotSee will say the letter and show a picture relevant to that letter. Or alternatively it will ask the child to find the card with the matching letter.Another feature that’s been shown is a musical one where children can show BotSee an instrument and then hear it. This can be done with different instruments together to play songs. For example a saxophone, drums and a singer and BotSee will sing “the wheels on the bus” song.

How much?

As it is still in the early stages they have not yet released all the information about BotSee. So the price at this time is still unknown.

Who would buy the BotSee?

BotSee is aimed at children ages 3 and up. It’s a great toy for any children before they start school to help their learning and coordination. With its different games children of different abilities can still enjoy it, from just simple colouring to more advanced alphabet work.

Things we like about the BotSee

One of the great things about BotSee is that as it works via the tablets camera there is no need for the child to touch the screen. This is great news for parents who often worry that their children could damage or break the screen.BotSee is a great way to help children to learn while keeping them entertained. By turning its ear children can choose between the different interactive games. Helping them to learn their colours, alphabet, words and numbers in a fun way.All the cards used to interact with BotSee can all be stored in a special case on the back of the stand. Just above this is a handle that can be used to transport BotSee. Another feature that kids are sure to love is that its face is expressional with moving eyebrows and eyes that change colour.It also talks to the child helping the child learn to pronounce the words and to feel that they are doing more than just playing with a toy.

Things we did not like about the BotSee

One downside to BotSee is that the cards and cubes that used to interact with it are made of paper. This might not be the best idea depending on the child using it as paper can normally be damaged quite easily. Also although it’s said to work independently to the app to get the full experience some form of iPad or tablet is needed.


As yet there is no news on whether it will come with any type of guarantee.

Is the BotSee worth the money?

Due to the fact that as yet the price is unknown, it’s hard to say whether BotSee will be worth the money. However, as long as the price is reasonable, then it should be good value for money.

Where can I buy BotSee

BotSee should be available in August 2013 and should be available in most major toy stores. It will also be available on Amazon and on the WowWee website.

More customer reviews for the BotSee

As yet there are no reviews from people or parents whose child has played with BotSee. People do seem to be interested in it though as it’s a great way for parents to entertain their children while still providing them with a learning experience. Photos of BotSee that have been released show that this stand is both practical while being cute. The fact that its arms adjust to fit different sized tablets is also good as it means parents can use their existing tablets no matter what brand they are.

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Play DOH Plus

Product Review – Play-Doh Plus

Developed for kids in the 1950s, Play-Doh has become                                               BeFunky_download (1).png
a hugely popular toy as children were able to use the
inert material to create masterpieces. Numerous new
colors have been introduced over the years, but the main
formula has remained more or less the same. With the
release of Play-Doh Plus, Hasbro has evolved its original
formula into a much softer and more pliable version,
giving children a way to create much more delicate and
detailed creations, and the line of Play-Doh Plus toys
currently in the process of being released gives those
kids fun new tools to create with.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

Any variety of Play-Doh is inherently pretty simple stuff. From a technical perspective, they are simple modeling compounds created using flour, water, boric acid, and various other ingredients. From a kid’s perspective, however, it can be anything they can transform it into. Play-Doh has always been a toy that provides interactive fun instead of mindless entertainment; it gives kids a tool and lets them create their own fun.Play-Doh Plus is much the same as the original but with a few noticeable changes. It has always been difficult to craft small and fine objects or decorations with the firm and thick original formula. Play-Doh Plus fixes that by being a much lighter, softer substance that is vastly easier to manipulate into the tiny detail so many have wanted to obtain. It has the consistency of a thick cake frosting, and when used in conjunction with the Frosting Fun Bakery Playset, one of the many toys designed specifically for use with Play-Doh Plus, it’s hard to distinguish it from actual frosting. Thankfully, it maintains its shape infinitely better and is much easier to clean than real cake frosting; Play-Doh Plus won’t smear all over your hands when you pick it up.

How Much?

Play-Doh Plus is, like the original version, very simple, and its price reflect that. The suggested retail price of an 8-pack of 1 ounce cans is a mere $4.99. The line of Sweet Shoppe molding toys varies in price, but all are also relatively inexpensive.

Things We Like About Play-Doh Plus

One of the best things about Play-Doh Plus and its older brother is that it has the capability to truly unleash the imagination and creativity in children. They can transform that nondescript ball of putty into anything they set their hearts on. In an age where so many toys marketed for children require no thought or interaction, it’s greatly refreshing to see a product like Play-Doh still going strong and continuing to innovate and evolve.The main benefit of Play-Doh Plus is the ease with which it can be molded and worked with. It can be used alone or with the original version, and it can even be combined with the original to create a substance somewhere in the middle, not quite as firm as the original but not as soft as Plus. Another benefit of the softness and pliability of Plus is that it opens up the world of Play-Doh to those children who may not have the hand strength or endurance to play with the original, and it helps those children improve those areas without them even realizing it.

Things We Did Not Like About Play-Doh Plus

One of the main drawbacks for Play-Doh Plus is also one of the main drawbacks for the regular variety: clean-up can be potentially problematic. Dropping a piece of either type on carpet and then accidentally stepping on it, for instance, can be disastrous and nearly impossible to completely clean. Additionally, since Plus is lighter and thinner, it has a tendency to stick to the insides of squeeze bottles and other tools which can be time consuming to clean out.

Who Would Buy Play-Doh Plus?

Many parents buy Play-Doh for their children because they loved it when they were young. Any parent wishing to cultivate creativity in their kids, or provide an outlet for those who are already creative can’t go wrong with either variety of Play-Doh. Specifically, parents of children who are younger or not as strong or who want to add more detail to their creations will find Plus admirably suited.


Plah-Doh Plus has no official guarantee.

Is Play-Doh Plus Worth the Money?

At only $4.99 for the starter pack, the answer to this question is unequivocally yes!

Where Can I Buy Play-Doh Plus?

Over 6000 stores in the U.S. carry the original Play-Doh, and it’s a good bet the majority of those also carry Plus. Online retailers such as Amazon will also carry this new and exciting product.

More Customer Reviews for Play-Doh Plus

Since 1955, over 2 billion cans of Play-Doh have been sold around the world, and the addition of Play-Doh Plus has only increased that popularity. Customers of all ages are in love with the softer, lighter version and are giving rave reviews!

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Nerf N-Sport Cyberhoop

Product Review – Nerf N-Sport Cyberhoop

Everyone is sure to be familiar with Nerf and most                                 BeFunky_images.png
of all with Nerf basketball. Hasbro has now taken
this game to a whole new interactive level with
the introduction of Nerf N-Sport Cyberhoop. This
new Cyberhoop takes the everyday game of basketball
to a whole new level. Allowing the user to become
a star NBA player right in their own homes.By simply
buying the hoop and downloading the iOS app players
are set to play. The app records the shots made and
will produce highlight reels and slow motion videos.
These videos and other pictures will build up the
players profile and will also become part of the
background on the app looking almost like ESPN.


There are several different game modes:

•         Quick play, where the player has to score as many baskets as possible.

•         Dunk contest, this records the player dunking the ball and allows their friends to score them.

•         Head to head, this allows two different hoops to connect at the same time so players can compete.

•         Online, where players can challenge their Facebook friends.

•         Rapid fire, this is similar to the quick play mode but the player competes against a component.


It can even be played in a stand alone mode which uses just the Cyberhoop alone without the need for the iOS device and app. In this mode players can just shoot hoops and the hoop will call out encouragement when they shoot a basket.

How much?

The Nerf N-Sport Cyberhoop will retail at just $20. All that needs to be done is to buy the hoop, download the free app and they will automatically connect.

Who would buy the Nerf N-Sport Cyberhoop?

The great thing about this Cyberhoop is that it can really appeal to people of all ages. Although mainly aimed at teenage boys Nerf basketball has been seen in homes, schools and offices across the country. So although it may be bought for a teenage son it’s likely that the whole family will end up playing.

Things we like about the Nerf N-Sport Cyberhoop

What makes this game unique is its ability to allow the player to play with other players no matter where they are. The Cyberhoop keeps score by having a lever in the middle of the hoop that registers the ball going past.When you shoot a basket it shouts encouragement at you and cheers you on with catchy phrases just like a real announcer. The hoop can ‘contact’ the iPad or iPhone by playing sounds that while inaudible to humans the device the app is playing on can pick up. This actually saves power when compared to regular ways of pairing devices with methods such as Bluetooth and WiFi.Players can use their profiles to keep track of challenges, to make movie-like video reels with them as the star and also to track high scores between them and their friends.

Things we didn’t like about the Nerf N-Sport Cyberhoop

There are a few downsides to the Cyberhoop, the biggest at the moment being that the game can be rather loud and as yet there is no mute button. This may change however when the final product is released.Also because the hoop connects to the iPad and others devices via sound this means the player has to keep the hoop close to the device. It could also potentially confuse background noises with the inaudible sound the hoop makes.One final thing is that the Cyberhoop registers a basket when the ball hits the lever inside the hoop. This means that while playing against online friends people have the ability to cheat without the game stopping them.


As the Nerf N-Sport Cyberhoop has yet to be released it’s not know at this time whether it will come with a guarantee or not.

Is the Nerf N-Sport Cyberhoop worth the money?

It’s a good price, at only $20 for the hoop with the app being free. With all its different game modes and the ability to play against online friends it has the potential of being hours of fun. So it’s defiantly worth the money.

Where can I buy the Nerf N-Sport Cyberhoop

The Nerf N-Sport Cyberhoop should be available in all big toy stores such as Walmart and Toys R Us as well as online retailers like Amazon, starting August 2013. With the app being available to download at the same time from their iOS device.

More customer reviews for the Nerf N-Sport Cyberhoop

As it has yet to be released there are few reviews about it. Some people have been lucky enough to be able to try an early version of the game and have been impressed.Although it’s aimed at teenage boys there are in fact more comments from adults who want this more than any other age group. With one person saying that it would be “the perfect gift for the man-child in your life”With its modern twist on a classic game and its social sharing features the younger generations and older are sure to enjoy it.

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My Own Pet Balloons

Product Review – My Own Pet Balloon

Kids love to imagine. A child can take a pile of                                              BeFunky_download (5).png
sticks and rocks and turn them into mighty medieval
castles. Just about anything can be turned into a
toy, and just about any toy can be a source for
creativity and imagination. My Own Pet Balloons
proceed on that notion that children don’t need
huge, expensive, and elaborate contraptions to
have fun, and that sometimes, the best tool is
actually the cheapest and simplest one.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

In the most basic sense, My Own Pet Balloons are balloons shaped and colored like numerous types of animals. They are meant to be filled with helium and are weighted precisely to keep them hovering close enough to the ground that their attached legs touch it, giving the appearance of actually walking. Kids can get the feeling of pulling their own pet panda, pony, duck, cow, bunny, or any of the other types behind them. There are currently over 30 types of pet balloons with more being added quickly and regularly. The design of My Own Pet Balloons is exceedingly simple, and their popularity is a testament that simple can definitely be a good thing.

How Much?

My Own Pet Balloons carry a price tag of about $10, plus or minus a couple dollars depending on the seller. Purchasers may have to pay for the initial helium fill, and each pet will need to be refilled with helium periodically – once every 1 or 2 weeks, on average – to maintain its shape and ability to properly float.

Things We Like About My Own Pet Balloons

What’s not to love about cute, inflatable animals that hover along the ground like real animals? The potential for imagination and fun is nearly limitless. The balloons themselves are made of quality materials, and the precise weighting for each type is impressive. The price is also a plus as parents will have less of an issue with their kids collecting many different members of the set, or the entire set altogether. The sheer number of members in the set is great and truly lets kids pick and choose their favorites.

Things We Did Not Like About My Own Pet Balloons

While My Own Pet Balloons are made with quality, they are, however, still balloons. As such, the proper precautions should be taken to ensure children keep them away from sharp objects and heat sources, refrain from sitting or riding them, and to refrain from doing all the other potentially damaging things kids sometimes do. Similarly, kids must be cautioned to keep a firm hold on their pets when out and about, especially if it’s windy, because their pets could blow away. The balloons are rated for children as young as 36 months, but deflated or broken balloons should be immediately removed as they present a choking hazard. Also, like any balloon, these will slowly deflate over time and will need to be refilled. This can potentially get expensive and inconvenient.

Who Would Buy My Own Pet Balloons?

Any parent of a child who loves animals, loves to pretend, or just loves balloons in general would love these! Due to their low price, they are especially good for lower-income families. Since they need to be refilled relatively frequently, it helps to live in close proximity to someplace that has a helium tank on hand, whether it is a grocery store, pharmacy, novelty store, or any similar type of place that sells balloons.


Since My Own Pet Balloons are relatively inexpensive and simple balloons, they don’t carry any sort of guarantee.

Are My Own Pet Balloons Worth the Money?

Taking into account the solid, durable construction and nearly infinite possibilities for imagination and creativity, the price tag is more than fair. The only potential drawback may be the fluctuating price of the helium needed to make them float.

Where Can I Buy My Own Pet Balloons?

The balloons are relatively new yet but are expanding at a rapid rate. Many grocery stores and novelty shops that already sold balloons have begun selling My Own Pet Balloons. The company’s main website – – provides a store located to help individuals find a seller close to them and customers will also be able to find this product on Amazon and other major online and offline retailers.

More Customer Reviews for My Own Pet Balloons

My Own Pet Balloons were introduced to the public within the last 2 years, and in only that short time, they have spread all across the country. Children and adults are falling in love with the lovable, floating pets, and the product’s continually growing popularity is a resounding demonstration of that! Glasshouse Balloon Co., the company behind My Own Pet Balloons, is continually adding new members to the balloon family, so in the unlikely event you can’t find your perfect pet, keep checking back; odds are, you’ll find one soon!

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Barbie Digital Dress Doll

Product Review – Barbie Digital Dress Doll

The new Barbie Digital Dress Doll is the                                                              BeFunky_images.png
newest Barbie to come off the ‘runway’
with all the usual features that are expect
from her but with one big twist. Her dres
uses the latest LED and touch screen technology.
It has 114 tri-coloured LED lights built into
her dress and allows the user to choose between
three different functions:

• The first function allows the user
to choose from pre set patterns such as hearts, and
fireworks. By sliding a finger across the touch
screen dress the user can brows through the
different animated designs.

• The second allows the user to use the stylus to draw their own designs onto the dress.They can do this by first selecting a colour and then using the stylus to draw their design onto the dress.

• The third heart makes the LED’s respond to sound and music. This means when a child talks to their doll or plays music the graphics on the dress move according to the sounds in the room.

Made by world famous toy brand Mattel this new doll complete with the 4.5 inch touch screed and LED lights is thought to become one of the most popular fashion dolls.

The original Barbie was created by Ruth and Elliot Handler back in 1959 an since then they have remained popular with girls all over the world. This new doll is another in a long line of dolls that will continue to be loved by millions of girls.

How much?

This new Barbie Digital Dress Doll is set to retail at around $50 this doll should be in stores in August 2013 and comes with a stylus that is used to turn the LED lights on or off.

Who would buy the Barbie Digital Dress Doll?

Aimed at young girls aged 6 and up, and although the dolls programmable features may seem complicated they are in fact simple to use. It would make a great present for any young girl especially ones who like to draw and design. Girls who already love Barbie and even some who don’t are sure to be fans of this new interactive Digital Dress Barbie. Although aimed at young girls there are even adults expressing an interest to have a play with the Barbie Digital Dress doll.

Things we like about the Barbie Digital Dress Doll

Barbie’s dress has been taken to a whole new level this time around and its new interactive features are amazing. The settings are changed by clicking on one of the three different hearts on her necklace. Allowing the child to easily choose which function they want to use. She also has articulated limbs including elbows and wrists meaning the child can pose her in different positions.The feature that allows the user to draw their own designs is fantastic. They can use multiple colours is the one design and it really allows children the ability to create and design. The idea of the LED lights on the dress is also something that has been seen on real fashion runways. So yet again Barbie is keeping up with real world fashion and allowing tech-savvy youngsters to keep up too.

Things we didn’t like about the Barbie Digital Dress Doll

The only downside to this doll is that if children play rough with the doll they may be capable of breaking the LED’s or the touch screen. With this being said as long as children are careful these shouldn’t be any problems.Another point worth mentioning is that unlike the traditional Barbie where children can undress and dress her however they like. This new doll so far only comes with the one interactive dress.


Due to the fact that its still a long way off the release date there is no information yet on whether it will come with any sort of guarantee.

Is the Barbie Digital Dress Doll worth the money?

Although $50 for a doll may seem excessive to some people the different interactive features make up for it by providing hours of entertainment and fun. Children are less likely to get bored with this doll as they are able to constantly redesign her dress and come up with new ideas.

Where can I buy the Barbie Digital Dress Doll?

When release in August 2013 the Barbie Digital Dress should be available in all major toy stores like Toys R Us and Walmart as well as online retailers like Amazon. It will also be available online on shop websites as well as Mattel’s website.

More customer reviews for the Barbie Digital Dress Doll

As it has not been released yet there are no reviews yet about the doll from customers. However reviews of the 2013 Toy Fair where the doll was on show have all been positive. People seem impressed with the idea of children being able to customise the dress however they choose.

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The Nerf Rebelle series

Product Review – Nerf Rebelle Blasters

Since the 1970s, the Nerf series of foam action                                           BeFunky_download (4).png
toys has been one primarily designed for and
suited to boys. They have been regularly treated
to newer and bigger incarnations, and the series
has been one of Hasbro’s most popular. Up until
recently, girls never received much attention from
the series, and, as a result, never had much interest.
That disinterest promises to be cured with the
release of the Nerf Rebelle Blasters series, though.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

The new series, which is set to be released in the fall, is aimed directly at girls and will feature newer, more vibrant colors (some might say “girly” colors, such as pink) and more appropriate blaster choices. Instead of oversized rocket launchers, for instance, the initial offering will be the Alpha Heartbreaker Bow. The bow features more traditionally feminine coloring and designs, such as wings and swirls, is lighter and more agile, and fires smaller foam bullets. The series will also carry smartphone compatibility as users will be able to plug their phones into the mounting cradle, start up the app, and engage in missions.

How Much?

The Heartbreak Bow will cost $19.99 at release, and the optional smartphone mount will cost $14.99.

Things We Like About Nerf Rebelle Blasters

The smartphone compatibility is actually fairly awesome, and it’s about time a series of toys that has been marketed towards boys for so long has introduced a subseries that is more inclusive. While some might disagree with the seeming stereotyping of gender roles, Hasbro developers insist they designed the series based on what younger girls told them they wanted, rather than the other way around.

Things We Did Not Like About Nerf Rebelle Blasters

Really, the only thing to potentially dislike about the Rebelle series is the same for the entire series: it sure can be hard to find one’s foam bullets in woods or the yard.

Who Would Buy Nerf Rebelle Blasters?

Hasbro is hoping to address the problem of the increasingly sedentary lifestyles many children are currently engaging in, and with the Rebelle series, the company is hoping to include girls in that goal. Parents of inactive girls will likely be very interested in giving their daughters an excuse to go outside and run around instead of sit in the house, and those with already-competitive daughters will have to work to get them back inside.


Every Nerf Blaster comes with a warranty that protects against defects in workmanship and other issues.

Are Nerf Rebelle Blasters Worth the Money?

Considering the potential for outside activity and fun, the price tag of $19.99 seems relatively low.

Where Can I Buy Nerf Rebelle Blasters?

The Rebelle series will be available from all retailers both online and offline that currently sell Nerf products, which is to say, most of them! These will include major companies such as Walmart, Amazon and Best Buy amongst many others.

More Customer Reviews for Nerf Rebelle Blasters

The Nerf series has long been highly popular amongst boys of many ages, and girls and parents alike are excited about the possibility of adding some female competition.

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