Product Review – Oregon Scientific ATC Gecko HD Camera

Finally, a camera that you will feel comfortable leaving                                 BeFunky_download (14).png
in the hands of your kids! The Oregon Scientific ATC Gecko
HD Camera is a light, compact, and stylish digital camera
that is packed with a lot of features that are all designed
with a child user in mind. This wearable camera can be worn
by children and can survive rough handling by even the most
active young users.

How Much?

The Oregon Scientific ATC Gecko HD Camera costs $59.99.

Who Would Buy This?

All parents want to give their kids opportunities to explore hobbies and crafts, and those who think the even young kids should learn photography should set their sights on the Oregon Scientific ATC Gecko HD Camera as their kids’ first ever camera. It is durable and highly reliable, and offers a lot of functions that kids and parents alike will be impressed with.

Things We Like

The solid and reliable construction and design of the Oregon Scientific ATC Gecko HD Camera is definitely something to rave about. It looks stylish yet it is still very functional and stable, able to withstand abuse subjected to it by kids.The video recording function is also a good addition, since it allows 720p HD video recording. But that is not all. Kids can also take their picture-taking and video-shooting underwater. No, the Oregon Scientific ATC Gecko HD Camera is not waterproof, but it is splash-proof, so shooting in the rain is still possible and completely safe. However, if you want your kids to take pictures underwater, that can still be arranged. All you have to do is buy the separately sold waterproof case, and then you can start shooting up to a depth of 60 meters.We already mentioned about how light the Oregon Scientific ATC Gecko HD Camera is. This is definitely a good feature, since it makes it easier for it to be strapped or attached practically anywhere, even on a bike or a helmet.

Things We Don’t Like

The Oregon Scientific ATC Gecko HD Camera supports a 32GB microSD storage. For those who love to take lots of pictures and shoot videos, that storage capacity is quite small. One full charge of the built-in battery is going to make it operable for 1.5 hours. This is quite a short usage time between full charges.


Oregon Scientific has not released information regarding applicable warranty terms for this product.

Is It Worth The Money?

It is so easy to see how the Oregon Scientific ATC Gecko HD Camera beats most other digital cameras for kids in terms of performance and other features. That is why parents will never regret ever spending their hard-earned money on the GeckoHD.

Where Can I Buy?

The GeckoHD can be purchased directly from Oregon Scientific, or you can look for it in various merchant websites. Amazon is a good place to start.

Final Thoughts

Said to be more versatile than a camera phone, and more stylish than most digital cameras, the Oregon Scientific ATC Gecko HD Camera is a wonderful camera to get your kids started on photography.

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