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Mystixx Vampires are dolls that have faces you can change,                                   BeFunky_download (3).png
and are by Playhut, Inc. The vampire dolls have a normal
face for daytime, and they have a vampire face for when
they make the change into a vampire at night. There are
four dolls to choose from: Talin, the trendy doll who
loves pink; Siva, the royal doll who loves purple; Azra,
the outdoorsy, sporty doll; and Kalani, a smart vegetarian
doll. The dolls are easy-to-use because the heads spin around
to reveal their other faces. The hair can be removed to mix
and match with the other vampire dolls or to distinguish from
daytime and nighttime looks. The dolls represent teenagers who
are trying to fit into high school during the day but become
vampires at night, and each is inspired by a different backstory.
The dolls come with different accessories, including two wigs and
two outfits each.

How Much?

The Mystixx Vampire dolls have a suggested retail price of $19.99 for each doll.

Who Would Buy Mystixx Vampire Dolls?

Mystixx Vampire dolls are appropriate for doll collectors and anyone who loves to play with dolls.
The age appropriate rating for the dolls is for age six years and above.

Things We Like about Mystixx Vampire Dolls

Mystixx Vampire dolls come with a lot of accessories for the money. If you choose to buy more
than one doll, you can exchange clothes and wigs for different looks on the different dolls.
The dolls are beautifully made and rich indetail. The design is unique and the back stories to
the dolls are detailed and imaginative. The different dolls cover common personality
characteristics or likes that many children can identify with.

Things We Did Not Like about Mystixx Vampire Dolls

Mystixx Vampire dolls may raise questions or fears from children that are not familiar with the concept
of vampires. The dolls do not come in varying ethnicities, either. The stories may be a little too hard for
younger children to fully understand, such as boyfriend relationships.

Playhut, Inc. does not offer a warranty with Mystixx Vampire dolls.

Are Mystixx Vampire Dolls Worth The Money?

Mystixx Vampire dolls are worth the money because they offer a lot for one price. The two wigs and
two outfits offer a bargain because you don’t have to pay for separate accessories in order to
achieve the normal and vampire looks. The accessories and doll create a lot of imaginative playtime
all in one box.

Where Can I Buy Mystixx Vampire Dolls?
Mystixx Vampire dolls can be bought online such as and in other major stores, such as Toys ‘R Us.

More Customer Reviews For Mystixx Vampire Dolls

Mystixx Vampire dolls have received positive customer reviews online. Many customers say that the
dolls offer hours of creative playtime fun, and others love the quality of the dolls. Many enjoy
the variety of accessories that come with the dolls as well. Most people say that if you love
Monster High dolls, you will definitely love Mystixx Vampire dolls.


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