Product Review – Mr. Potato Head Optimash Prime

Mr. Potato Head Optimash Prime is everyone’s favorite                    BeFunky_download (13).png
spud in full disguise as the fearless and fiercely
loyal leader of the Autotots, leading the war against
the Decepticons. Basically, this is Hasbro’s Optimus
Prime version of its much-loved potato head character.

How Much?

The Mr. Potato Head Optimash Prime costs $35.00.

Who Would Buy This?

This toy is perfect for a lot of people, ranging from fans of Mr. Potato Head to fans of the Transformers franchise. Toy collectors will also find themselves scrambling to get this two-in-one – in a way – toy.

Things We Like

It is hard not to like the adorable Mr. Potato Head, and it becomes doubly harder when he dresses up as one of the most well-loved robot leaders and character in the Transformers saga. Dressing up as Optimus Prime may be quite a challenge for this spud, but he makes it work, and to cute and adorable results.The interchangeability of the Optimash Prime character and potato parts is also a great touch. It allows for a lot of experimentation when changing the look of the spud. Just by switching things around, you can come up with so many wacky looks for it. The parts are made of PVC material that can be easily bent, so plugging them in altogether won’t take a lot of effort.This is also a great collector’s item, despite being touted as a toy for children 2 years old and above. It’s so cute, we wouldn’t be surprised if it takes pride of place on a table or a shelf.Most of the fans of Transformers are now grownups and parents, and only a few of the kids these days are familiar with the original Transformers lore. This update or version is a good way for these parents to give their kids a glimpse of their own childhood, and the fact that it merges with Mr. Potato Head is a grand idea.

Things We Don’t Like

We think 2 years is still much too young to be playing around with the Mr. Potato Head Optimash Prime. For starters, the parts are a bit on the small side, so there is a risk of choking. Plugging the parts to the potato body can be quite tricky at such a young age, so parents would still have to do it for their kids.


Hasbro has not made any announcements on what warranty terms are going to apply to this product.

Is It Worth The Money?

Think of it this way: you will not only be getting one, but two, iconic toys if you buy the Mr. Potato Head Optimash Prime. It’s Mr. Potato Head, and Transformers’ Optimus Prime, albeit reinvented for wackiness. It’s definitely worth your money.

Where Can I Buy?

This toy is available in major toy stores selling Hasbro merchandise, as well as online sites such as Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Be amazed at Mr. Potato Head’s clever disguise and join him in the battle against the Decepticons! You’ll be glad to have your own Mr. Potato Head Optimash Prime.

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