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For anyone that’s a fan of Back to the Future                                                       BeFunky_download (2).png
you’ll know exactly what this is. If you’re not
though then this is a replica of the Mr Fusion
‘home energy reactor’ a device created in the
film for turning rubbish into nuclear power.
The replica is being made by Diamond Select
Toys who have previously made other Back to
the Future props.Currently when you lift the
lid it plays the same sound as it did in the
movie, and they are now working on a smoke feature.
this would mean as well as the noise it would release
smoke. So far only a few photos of the replica are
available, all taken from the New York Toy Fair.
These photos show how early it is in the development
stage as there is even a sign saying “pending licensor approval”.

How much?

The Mr Fusion replica is still in advanced prototype stage so it is unclear yet what it will cost.

Who would buy the Mr Fusion replica?

Any fan of the Back to the Future trilogy would be tempted by this piece of movie memorabilia. Although it obviously doesn’t create energy like it does in the film the Mr Fusion replica does have some fun features. It would make a great addition for anyone who collects Back to the Future themed items, or for collectors of movie props and replicas.

Things we like about the Mr Fusion replica.

Diamond Select Toys are trying to make this replica as accurate to the film as possible, and appear to be listening to the fans when inaccuracies have been pointed out. The finished product is set to have the appearance of the real thing, complete with sound effects and smoke.

Things we did not like about the Mr Fusion replica.

Despite their effort to make the replica accurate first glimpses have had fans noting that the base is not quite right and that there are screw holes where there shouldn’t be. However due to the fact it is still in early development faults at this stage can be forgiven if they are fixed before its release.


There is no news on whether the Mr Fusion will come with a guarantee yet. So it’s worth checking this out again closer to the release date.

Is the Mr Fusion replica worth the money?

As of yet no price has been release so it’s hard to say whether it will be worth the money. For serious fans though, as long as they keep the replica as close to the movie as possible, it’s almost certain it will be worth the money to those that want their own piece of the movie.

Where can I buy Mr Fusion replica?

With not even a definite release date yet it’s not certain where you will be able to buy the Mr Fusion. With its planned release in the last quarter of 2013 it should be available on major online stores and collectors shops.

More customer reviews for the Mr Fusion replica.

Due to still being at such an early development stage a lot of people are holding out on commenting until the final product is revealed. The reviews out there are mainly all positive with a few people just pointing out how it could be made more true to the movie.“Fans are willing to put up with a late release, as long as the final product is more screen accurate, instead of rushing this existing prototype into final production.”

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