Product Review – MiP Dancing Robots

The MiP Dancing Robots are not your usual toy robots.                           BeFunky_download (7).png
They have unique dual wheels for legs, have a great
balancing ability, can be controlled by using hand
gestures, and can perform various tasks such as dancing,
boxing, battling, stacking, tracking, roaming, and even
delivering items placed on a tray.

How Much?

Each set of MiP Dancing Robots, including a stand and an attachable tray, costs $99.99. When shipped from the UK, however, it costs $119.99, inclusive of shipping fee to the US.

Who Would Buy This?

Toy robots are often associated with violence, so we cannot blame some parents for steering clear of them as toys for their kids. It’s a good thing, then, that toy manufacturers are now becoming smarter, coming out with robots that actually do more than battle or fight. The MiP Dancing Robots is an amusing and highly entertaining toy robot that is perfect for kids of all ages. Even adults will be smitten by how adorable and how fun these dancing robots are!

Things We Like

To say that these robots look attractive would be an understatement. They look futuristic, sometimes even compared to the Stormtroopers from the Star Wars films. What’s different, however, are the legs. Or, to be more precise, the wheels.The unique dual wheels that the MiP Dancing Robots are perched on operate just like your regular Segway. With just two wheels, it is fun to watch this toy robot do the balancing act effortlessly. And when it whips out its attachable tray and starts balancing items on it, the entertainment factor just went up several notches higher.We love how the MiP Dancing Robots can be controlled in a lot of ways. It can receive commands via Bluetooth, or through the free MiP, which is available for both iOS and Android. The app effectively turns your smartphone or other mobile device into a remote control that will steer and maneuver the toy robot around.But what’s truly impressive is how the MiP Dancing Robots respond to hand gestures and motions. This is thanks to the GestureSense Technology integrated into the design.

Things We Don’t Like

The MiP Dancing Robots have a tendency to become overly excited and end up flat on its face. This could be a problem, but others can see it as a challenge in mastering how to control the robot.


WowWee offers a 90-day limited warranty for the MiP Dancing Robots.

Is It Worth The Money?

The MiP Dancing Robots are undeniably cool toy robots that offer a lot of games and entertainment modes. The hours you can spend having fun with it makes every cent worth it!

Where Can I Buy?

You can get the MiP Dancing Robots from the WowWee store, or you can also check out other online merchants and sellers. Amazon is one such site.

Final Thoughts

Finally, a balancing robot with a lot of personality and capabilities! The impressive MiP Dancing Robots are definitely great additions to anyone’s toy or robot collection.

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