Product Review – Lone Ranger Figurines

The Lone Ranger Figurines are some of the best action figures                                    BeFunky_images (2).png
inspired from the seventies. These figures are so lifelike
they take you right back to the adventures of the masked
lawman and his Indian companion. All the Lone Ranger figurines
are very fine and incredibly detailed. The supporting animal
cast in this series is as impressive as the human figures. Each
one of the Lone Ranger figurines is a masterpiece and a remarkable
collectible item.

Let’s Take a Look at Some of the Features

The Lone Ranger figures include a dynamic range of characters. The figures are around 7 inches tall. They are also available in 18 inch size, which is even more detailed. The Lone Ranger figurines are dressed in proper western outfits. These costumes are true replicas of what the cowboys and rangers wore during the old west times. Cowboy hats, long riding boots, pistols, guns, swords and belts are mainly included in all the outfits.

How Much?

As the Lone Ranger figures are collectible items, their prices vary. The average price of the figurine is somewhere around $85.

Things We Like About Lone Ranger Figurines

The best thing about Lone Ranger Figurines is that many impressive details have been put into all them. They take you right into the Wild West adventures. Also, the Lone Ranger Figurines include beautiful horses and steeds, equipped with action saddles, to create a complete western setting. Most of the animal cast comes packaged with their human companions.

Things We Did Not Like About Lone Ranger Figurines

The only negative point of the Lone Ranger Figurines is that the 7 inch figures are not as detailed as the 18 inch ones. The shorter figures do not have as many moving parts as the taller ones.

Who Would Buy Lone Ranger Figurines

All of the Lone Ranger fans who have watched the famous Lone Ranger series on TV, or heard on the radio, would love to collect these Lone Ranger Figurines. Readers of the novel based on the series and the Lone Ranger comics would also find the figurines exciting. These figurines would also be the ultimate treat for enthusiastic fans of the upcoming Disney movie, The Lone Ranger.


These figurines will come with a return policy dependent on the retailer.

Are Lone Ranger Figurines Worth The Money?

Yes! Definitely! These figures are fine, true imitations of the famous Lone Ranger characters, and are worthy collectible items. With the upcoming movie, these figures will gain much popularity. It is about time you invest in these action figures, and be a proud owner of the famous Lone Ranger figurines.

Where Can I Buy the Lone Ranger Figurines?

You can easily buy the Lone Ranger figurines online. The figures are available on a number of websites as collectible items. Finding them in retail stores can be a bit challenging now. However, after the movie release, we may find them in toy stores too.

More Customer Reviews for Lone Ranger Figurines

Most of the customers find the Lone Ranger figurines to be very much exciting, as if taken right from the times of the Wild West. Customers praise the quality and details of each figure, specially the impressive costumes. The animal cast is very attractive and there are even more fans of the horses and steeds.

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