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A rising trend in kid’s toys is combining electronic                                        BeFunky_download (2).png
features with real world toys. Many toy manufacturers
have taken notice of the exploding tablet market and
have designed toys to incorporate them. The results
are some of the most immersive and fun toys for
children ever released. The Imaginext Apptivity
Fortress is one such toy that connects to iPads
(compatibility with other tablet types has not
been announced yet) and uses it to create a medieval
world for the child to explore. With it, kids can
roam around the castle halls, visit with the king,
fight orcs and trolls, fly on their own dragon over
the mountains of the kingdom, and even engage in
two-player duels with friends and family. The connected
app is still in relatively early development but already
has a wealth of games and places to explore, and it’s a
sure bet that Fisher Price will keep expanding them.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

The base of the Apptivity Fortress is a classic-looking castle. It includes two detachable cannons and a fully armored knight with sword at the ready. Even without the iPad, kids can spend hours pretending to defend their keep from evil hordes of knights, dragons, ogres, or any other enemy. The two cannons can be placed on top of each of the two towers, and one can be plugged into the flat base in the front where the iPad interactivity takes place.After installing the free app, the iPad is placed in a mount which only displays the screen. Because the screen is surrounded by the castle, kids are able to greatly increase their immersion. The fortress operates in both horizontal and vertical modes, both with fun and unique games to play and places to check out. Vertical mode is where the attached cannon comes into play with enemies approaching on the screen and kids fighting them back. It is controlled by only a single button with one on each side to accommodate left and right handed kids. In horizontal mode, the screen folds down flat, and kids can walk or fly around the castle actually using their knight on the screen.There is so much to do in the fortress, it would be hard to list it all, and the amount only promises to grow!

How Much?

Due to be released in the fall of 2013, the Imaginext Apptivity Fortress will have a suggested retail price of $49.99. The app will be free to download, though, of course, consumers will require an iPad to download it onto. Individuals can also purchase additional characters, the Archer, Troll, and Wizard, each of which will unlock additional games and areas and will cost $9.99

Things We Like About Imaginext Apptivity Fortress

Millions of parents have purchased iPads over the last few years, and many of those parents have been quite understandably apprehensive about letting their younger children play with them. The Apptivity Fortress takes a stab at solving that problem and succeeds quite admirably. It is rated for kids from 3 to 7, and its design and simplicity reflect that. Fisher Price designed the app to operate as intuitively as possible, and children will be able to play without any learning curve. The two-player dueling feature is also excellent as it allows parents and friends to engage with their kids. With the amount of potential activities already included, the Apptivity Fortress promises to provide hours of fun and entertainment.

Things We Did Not Like About Imaginext Apptivity Fortress

It is unclear as of yet whether the fortress will include any sort of screen protector for the attached iPad. If not, purchasers may want to invest in one themselves to protect against any potential scratching from kids pulling the plastic knight across it (the knight is made of plastic with rounded edges, but with a device as costly as the iPad, it’s usually better to be safe than sorry).

Who Would Buy Imaginext Apptivity Fortress?

Since the fortress works exclusively with the iPad, owners with younger kids will have the most interest.


While no official word has been released regarding a guarantee yet, the fortress is being released by Fisher Price, one of the largest and most reputable toy companies in the world.

Is Imaginext Apptivity Fortress Worth the Money?

For those who already own an iPad, the $49.99 price tag for the fortress is very reasonable. It’d be hard to imagine someone purchasing an iPad exclusively to use with it, though.

Where Can I Buy Imaginext Apptivity Fortress?

The fortress will be available from all major toy and department stores such as Walmart, Target and online retailers such as Amazon.

More Customer Reviews for Imaginext Apptivity Fortress

So many iPads are owned by parents of younger children, and those parents are very excited about the release of the Imaginext Apptivity Fortress. It promises to be one of the most popular toys of the fall season!

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