Product Review – iFirehouse.

As the name suggests iFirehouse has been designed to                                               BeFunky_download (1).png
work with iPad, iPods and iPhones. It’s an interactive
app that allows children to own their own firehouse.
As well as the app though, they have released an
iFirehouse play case. The play case even comes with
little figurine of a fireman, a fire chief or a firehouse dog.

Each room in the iFirehouse has different activities and
games for a child to play with. Such as:

• Putting out fires, where the child can practise their fire fighting skills.

• Feeding the dog

• Playing hopscotch

• Painting the firehouse, where children can choose what colours they want in each room.

• Choosing their own fire trucks

The figurine that comes with the play case can also be put into the game by scanning the doll’s code. This allows children to interact with the digital version of their figures inside the app.The iFirehouse app requires iOS 5.0 or later and can be played independently of the play case. This virtual firehouse dolls house allows children to take it with them where ever they go unlike traditional doll houses.The iFirehouse has 6 rooms with each room having interactive areas and options for the child to customize it. For example the photo frames shown in the background of the app can be changed to show a photo previously taken on the tablet.

How much?

The iFirehouse app costs just $0.99 from iTunes. The play case and its free figurine cost $19.99.

Who would buy the iFirehouse?

Aimed at young boys the iFirehouse is sure to be loved by any child with a love of fire trucks. Every small boy at some time or other has had a fascination for the big red trucks that zoom by with their sirens wailing. So this portable version of a fire station will be like owning their very own fire station.

Things we like about the iFirehouse

What’s great about this is that unlike a lot of games, where the case is needed for the features to function properly. The iFirehouse app is all that the child needs to play this game.Children growing up today are surrounded by technology and new games but the iFirehouse, while being played on an iPad still has the feel of being like a dolls house rather than just a new game. Also due to the fact that the iPad is portable children will be able to play with the iFirehouse app where ever they are. This will help parents on long journeys or flights to keep their children amused.The play case that is bought separately is a great way for children to be able to carry the iPad as the top of the case is a handle. This helps to protect the iPad as well as making it easier for children to handle. The figure that comes free with the case and can be scanned to create a virtual version is fantastic as children’s friends can also scan their dolls into the game. This allows two children and their two scanned in virtual friends to play together.

Things we did not like about the iFirehouse

While the iFirehouse is a great interactive fire station its features such as washing the fire truck could get old quite fast. With some children preferring games that have more features that unlock as they play the game.It is also only compatible with Apples iPhones and iPads. This means that other tablets will not be able to play the iFirehouse app. This could be a disappointment as it means children will not be able to play on other tablets.


Due to the fact that the iFirehouse is an app it won’t come with a guarantee. Once you’ve bought it though it will be stored in your apple account so even if your iPad breaks the game will be able to transfer to a new iPad.

Is the iFirehouse worth the money?

At only $0.99 for the app it’s defiantly worth the money. Allowing children to be able to play with their fire station no matter where they are.

Where can I buy the iFirehouse?

The iFirehouse app is available from apples iTunes for just $0.99.The play case made by AppVentures is available from their website and also at Amazon.

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Parents love the fact that although still being modern the iFirehouse is a great way for their children to enjoy the same sort of entertainment that they did while growing up. Its cheap price defiantly works in its favour as an app that’s less than a dollar is always a bonus. It’s a great way of blending the modern world with the traditional to make something both children and adults will appreciate.

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