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One of the most rapidly growing trends with children’s                                      BeFunky_download.png
toys is taking advantage of the exploding popularity
of tablets and smartphones and designing toys that
incorporate and work in conjunction with those devices.
A variety of toys that combine with tablets and smartphones
are already available, and many more are slated for release
in the near future.iDollhouse is one such toy that requires
either an iPad or iPhone. At its base, it is an app that
creates an interactive dollhouse for kids. They can roam
around, decorate, and personalize the many rooms and play
with their virtual dolls. To add to the experience, parents
can purchase the AppVentures iPad/iPhone Play Case, a
protective case that looks like the outside of the dollhouse. Physical dolls
are also available which can be scanned and ported into the app itself.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

Kids can do just about everything and more with iDollhouse that they can with a real dollhouse. Kids can have their virtual dolls do all sorts of activities in the house, including play in the backyard on the see-saw, sandbox, or slide; bake cookies or cakes, make lunch, or eat breakfast in the kitchen; play dress-up and do up their hair; have parties; and much more. The dollhouse itself can also be customized and decorated with the many included options. Kid can even take actual photos of themselves or their families with the device and then import those pictures to display in the picture frames on the walls.While not required to use the actual iDollhouse app, the AppVentures iPad/iPhone Play Case adds to the fun of using the app while encasing the device in a protective shell. The case is definitely helpful for use in the car or elsewhere on the go, especially with the carrying handle on top. Additionally, a free doll to add to the family is included with each case.For those who wish to add to their virtual family, physical dolls can be purchased, each of which includes a scannable QR code. Upon scanning, the actual doll is imported into the app as a virtual addition to the family!

How Much?

The iDollhouse app alone is only 99 cents. It is included for free with the AppVentures iPad/iPhone Play Case which is $19.99 plus $9.99 shipping and handling. It is unknown as of yet exactly how much the additional dolls cost, but they will likely only be a few dollars at the most.

Things We Like About iDollhouse

Many of the toys being released that either incorporate or depend on electronic device usage have little flexibility with the types of devices they are compatible with. Many toys require a tablet and only a tablet, for instance. iDollhouse and the accompanying AppVentures Play Case, however, are a big exception to that rule. The app functions on all Apple smartphones and tablets except the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, and added functionality is on the way for Android device users. Also, the Play Case is available is sizes to fit both tablets and smartphones.The feature to scan actual dolls to include them in the virtual family is very cool and promises to excite kids everywhere.Additionally, it’s just nice to see such an influx of toys designed to let kids use and have fun with electronic devices previously out of their reach, and the extra accessories, such as the Play Case, make it even better!

Things We Did Not Like About iDollhouse

There is really not much to dislike about iDollhouse and the Play Cases. If anything, kids may want to play with their family and decorate their house so much, they may drain the device’s batteries fairly quickly. Additionally, since the app is rated for kids 4 years and up, parents will want to take precautions against any accidental scratches showing up on their expensive devices.

Who Would Buy iDollhouse?

Any parent with an Apple tablet or smartphone and a child that loves creating their own environments and instructing their own family will love iDollhouse!


Neither iDollhouse nor the Play Cases have any type of warranty or guarantee, though, since iDollhouse is sold through the Apple Store, should any issues develop with the app, users can contact admin there for support.

Is iDollhouse Worth the Money?

Considering what the app delivers for only 99 cents, it is most definitely worth the cost! The $19.99 price tag of the Play Case is also reasonable for the protection and added fun it offers, though the $9.99 shipping and handling cost seems a bit excessive.

Where Can I Buy iDollhouse?

At the moment, iDollhouse is available only from the Apple Store, and the Play Case is only available from AppVenture’s website ( In the near future, however, the app will be available from the Google Store, and the case will be available at all major online retailers like Amazon as well.

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iDollhouse delivers all the fun, interactivity, and creativity of a traditional dollhouse without the typically huge investment in space. Parents and kids alike are loving it and eagerly awaiting future additions!

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