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The new iDiscover App Activity Table from VTech
is everything a play table could need and more.
By using an iPad or tablet in the centre of the
table it makes it much more interactive and
educational than a regular activity table. The
table also has a protective screen to cover the tablet.

The table has many different features for children to enjoy including:

•         Piano keys that are different colors.

•         A number roller and an alphabet roller.

•         A steering wheel complete with a horn and a gear stick.

•         Buttons of basic colored shapes.

These features will interact with different apps that come with the free downloadable app pack. This pack will include 6 apps that will interact with what the child plays with.

How Much?

The iDiscover App Activity Table is due to retail at around $50.

Who would buy the iDiscover App Activity Table?

The activity table is aimed at young children between the ages of 9 – 36 months old.

Things we like about iDiscover App Activity Table

The table is made up of different and bright colored parts that would appeal to young children. It helps with cognitive learning as on some games children have to relate what they see on the screen to something on the table.One good feature is that the screen will rotate to face the child, so when playing the driving game with the steering wheel the screen will face the right direction.So far the iDiscover App Activity Table is still in prototype stage but when released it should come with 6 apps. One of these will show pictures of hot air balloons with a connected shape, to release the balloon the child has to press the corresponding shape.

Things we don’t like about iDiscover App Activity Table

The biggest downside to this is that if the parents don’t own an iPad or a tablet then it becomes just a regular activity table. Also despite the protective screen it does mean letting a young child play with several hundred dollars of technology.


As it is not yet released its unknown whether it will have any sort of guarantee.

Is iDiscover App Activity Table worth the money?

At only $50 and with a good few years’ worth of use as the child ages it’s defiantly worth the money (as long as the parents already own a tablet). It’s a great way to not only entertain a young child but to also help them learn and improve co-ordination.

Where can I buy iDiscover App Activity Table?

The iDiscover App Activity Table should be available in all major toy stores, especially ones aimed at toddlers and babies. It will also be available online on Amazon.

Customer reviews of iDiscover App Activity Table

As it has not yet been released there are no customer reviews but from what parents have said they are looking forward to this being released. The way it combines fun with learning for young children will help with their development while providing hours of fun.

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