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For over 40 years, Sesame Street and its likable cast of colorful                                    BeFunky_download (4).png
and furry creatures have been enormously popular with all ages.
Among the vast array of characters on the show, though, none
have captured the public’s attention and imagination quite as
much as Elmo. With his cute appearance, soft voice, and friendly
attitude,Elmo has transformed into the single most popular
memberof Sesame Street. That popularity is reflected in
Elmo-related toys as childrenhave been treated to numerous
updates, letting kidsplay and learn with the furry red monster
in a variety of ways. Hasbro’s newest incarnation,Elmo Junction,
continues in that tradition of making learning fun for children

Let’s take a look at some of the features

Elmo Junction is a cars and trains set that features a double-decker, figure-eight track. As kids play with the track, pushing the cars and trains over 123 road and ABC railroad, they are treated to Elmo singing a song about numbers or the ABC song. As kids have fun and imagine traveling in big vehicles, they are learning their numbers and letters. The set features a full ten feet of track, and it breaks down for storage or cleaning with ease.

How Much?

Due to be released in the fall season, the set has the suggested retail price of $44.99.

Things We Like About Elmo Junction

The combination of playing and learning is what makes Elmo Junction really shine. Toddlers love playing with trains and cars, and they’ll find themselves irresistibly drawn to the set and will end up singing their numbers and letters as a result!

Things We Did Not Like About Elmo Junction

Since it features a full ten feet of track laid out in a figure-eight, Elmo Junction has a fairly large footprint. As a result, some parents with limited space might have a hard time comfortably fitting it in. The set operates on two AAA batteries (demos included), though it is difficult to predict how long they will last and how often parents will have to switch them out for new ones.

Who Would Buy Elmo Junction?

Any parents of toddlers who love Elmo, cars, and trains, and who would enjoy seeing their kids spending their playtime learning would pick up the set.


While no warrantees or guarantees have been officially laid out as of yet, Elmo Junction is being released by Hasbro, a company, which has long prided itself on quality and integrity.

Is Elmo Junction Worth The Money?

Considering the lessons and endless fun kids can gain from the set, its initial price tag seems more than justified.

Where Can I Buy Elmo Junction?

Like all Hasbro products, Elmo Junction will be available at all major retailers, including such names as Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, and many more.

More Customer Reviews for Elmo Junction

Elmo’s popularity has continued to soar over many years, and this latest incarnation will no doubt enthrall children and parents alike!

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