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The transmedia gaming movement which combines real                                   BeFunky_download.png
world toys and objects with video game platforms
has become one of the more popular trends of the
last year. A number of consoles and systems have
either been released or are scheduled to be later
in the year, and they range from simplistic systems
to complex, involved experiences. Disney Infinity is
one such system that offers a wide array of components
and seems complex but is, in reality, one of the simplest
and best transmedia systems available.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

One of the main attractions of Disney Infinity is the depth and variety available. The base of the system plugs into any current-gen gaming platform, including the Nintendo 3DS and Windows PCs, and the plethora of available figurines that can be plugged in add to and change the experience. The system doesn’t need a character to be plugged in to function, though; instead, it enters the Toybox mode which gives complete freedom to create new worlds within the game. Each character can be plugged in, and each set of characters have their own worlds based in their respective movies. Players can even collect power discs that can be connected to individual figurines that will add customizations to said character. For instance, plugging the rocketpack disc into the Buzz Lightyear character will give him the rocketpack. Players can mix and match the discs, giving one character’s equipment to another.

How Much?

The system is due to be released in August of 2013 and will cost $75 for the base package. Additional characters will cost $12.50 each and will include each character’s power discs.

Things We Like About Disney Infinity

The potential for completing missions, fighting monsters, and exploring the world with Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, Woody from Toy Story, Simba from the Lion King, and Ralph from Wreck-It Ralph sounds like awesome fun. Plus, the ability to mix and match power discs, giving Buzz Lightyear’s rocketpack to Jack Sparrow, for instance, promises to add a depth of creativity and fun unmatched by any other product available. The open-ended Toybox lets players create worlds within the Disney universe which can then be played and promises to let players truly stretch their creative muscles.

Things We Did Not Like About Disney Infinity

There isn’t really much to dislike about Infinity! The potential for creativity is nearly limitless, as is the potential for collecting characters.

Who Would Buy Disney Infinity?

Fans who would relish the chance to play as their favorite Disney characters will love Infinity!


While not officially announced, the system will almost certainly have a thorough warranty protecting against defects and similar issues.

Is Disney Infinity Worth the Money?

With the sheer amount of included content as well as the potential for continued expansion, $75 seems a small price to pay.

Where Can I Buy Disney Infinity?

Upon release, Infinity will be available at all major retailers including Walmart and Amazon.

More Customer Reviews for Disney Infinity

Despite the fact that the system is due for release in August, customer anticipation is already high, and rave reviews have been submitted across the board!

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