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Elmo Junction

Product Review – Elmo Junction

For over 40 years, Sesame Street and its likable cast of colorful                                    BeFunky_download (4).png
and furry creatures have been enormously popular with all ages.
Among the vast array of characters on the show, though, none
have captured the public’s attention and imagination quite as
much as Elmo. With his cute appearance, soft voice, and friendly
attitude,Elmo has transformed into the single most popular
memberof Sesame Street. That popularity is reflected in
Elmo-related toys as childrenhave been treated to numerous
updates, letting kidsplay and learn with the furry red monster
in a variety of ways. Hasbro’s newest incarnation,Elmo Junction,
continues in that tradition of making learning fun for children

Let’s take a look at some of the features

Elmo Junction is a cars and trains set that features a double-decker, figure-eight track. As kids play with the track, pushing the cars and trains over 123 road and ABC railroad, they are treated to Elmo singing a song about numbers or the ABC song. As kids have fun and imagine traveling in big vehicles, they are learning their numbers and letters. The set features a full ten feet of track, and it breaks down for storage or cleaning with ease.

How Much?

Due to be released in the fall season, the set has the suggested retail price of $44.99.

Things We Like About Elmo Junction

The combination of playing and learning is what makes Elmo Junction really shine. Toddlers love playing with trains and cars, and they’ll find themselves irresistibly drawn to the set and will end up singing their numbers and letters as a result!

Things We Did Not Like About Elmo Junction

Since it features a full ten feet of track laid out in a figure-eight, Elmo Junction has a fairly large footprint. As a result, some parents with limited space might have a hard time comfortably fitting it in. The set operates on two AAA batteries (demos included), though it is difficult to predict how long they will last and how often parents will have to switch them out for new ones.

Who Would Buy Elmo Junction?

Any parents of toddlers who love Elmo, cars, and trains, and who would enjoy seeing their kids spending their playtime learning would pick up the set.


While no warrantees or guarantees have been officially laid out as of yet, Elmo Junction is being released by Hasbro, a company, which has long prided itself on quality and integrity.

Is Elmo Junction Worth The Money?

Considering the lessons and endless fun kids can gain from the set, its initial price tag seems more than justified.

Where Can I Buy Elmo Junction?

Like all Hasbro products, Elmo Junction will be available at all major retailers, including such names as Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, and many more.

More Customer Reviews for Elmo Junction

Elmo’s popularity has continued to soar over many years, and this latest incarnation will no doubt enthrall children and parents alike!

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Mystixx Vampires

Product Review – Mystixx Vampire Dolls

Mystixx Vampires are dolls that have faces you can change,                                   BeFunky_download (3).png
and are by Playhut, Inc. The vampire dolls have a normal
face for daytime, and they have a vampire face for when
they make the change into a vampire at night. There are
four dolls to choose from: Talin, the trendy doll who
loves pink; Siva, the royal doll who loves purple; Azra,
the outdoorsy, sporty doll; and Kalani, a smart vegetarian
doll. The dolls are easy-to-use because the heads spin around
to reveal their other faces. The hair can be removed to mix
and match with the other vampire dolls or to distinguish from
daytime and nighttime looks. The dolls represent teenagers who
are trying to fit into high school during the day but become
vampires at night, and each is inspired by a different backstory.
The dolls come with different accessories, including two wigs and
two outfits each.

How Much?

The Mystixx Vampire dolls have a suggested retail price of $19.99 for each doll.

Who Would Buy Mystixx Vampire Dolls?

Mystixx Vampire dolls are appropriate for doll collectors and anyone who loves to play with dolls.
The age appropriate rating for the dolls is for age six years and above.

Things We Like about Mystixx Vampire Dolls

Mystixx Vampire dolls come with a lot of accessories for the money. If you choose to buy more
than one doll, you can exchange clothes and wigs for different looks on the different dolls.
The dolls are beautifully made and rich indetail. The design is unique and the back stories to
the dolls are detailed and imaginative. The different dolls cover common personality
characteristics or likes that many children can identify with.

Things We Did Not Like about Mystixx Vampire Dolls

Mystixx Vampire dolls may raise questions or fears from children that are not familiar with the concept
of vampires. The dolls do not come in varying ethnicities, either. The stories may be a little too hard for
younger children to fully understand, such as boyfriend relationships.

Playhut, Inc. does not offer a warranty with Mystixx Vampire dolls.

Are Mystixx Vampire Dolls Worth The Money?

Mystixx Vampire dolls are worth the money because they offer a lot for one price. The two wigs and
two outfits offer a bargain because you don’t have to pay for separate accessories in order to
achieve the normal and vampire looks. The accessories and doll create a lot of imaginative playtime
all in one box.

Where Can I Buy Mystixx Vampire Dolls?
Mystixx Vampire dolls can be bought online such as Amazon.com and in other major stores, such as Toys ‘R Us.

More Customer Reviews For Mystixx Vampire Dolls

Mystixx Vampire dolls have received positive customer reviews online. Many customers say that the
dolls offer hours of creative playtime fun, and others love the quality of the dolls. Many enjoy
the variety of accessories that come with the dolls as well. Most people say that if you love
Monster High dolls, you will definitely love Mystixx Vampire dolls.


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Ecto Goggles

Ecto 1 Goggles

Made famous by the film Ghostbusters, Ecto Goggles are a must
have for any avid collector or fan. The original goggles made for                           BeFunky_download (2).png
the film were made from military night vision goggles: model
AN/PVS-5a- with the lenses changed out for more appropriate
look for the film. The new Mattel Ecto Goggles based on the
original design have also been made to interact with other
Mattel Ghostbusters items such as the PKE meter. This
feature allows you to see the library ghost. You can also
cause an animatedslimmer to appear on the display and the
quicker you twist the dial the faster the animation is

How Much?

Mattel will be releasing their new Ecto Goggles prop replicas in summer 2013 after showcasing
them in the New York Comic Con. They are set to retail at $110 “day of price” however, there
is a lot of confusion over what this term means. The exact date of release is also unclear
at this time but is now said to be June 15th

.Who would buy Ecto Goggles?

Aimed at fans who are looking to collect props based on the Ghostbusters movies. Or at people who
enjoy dressing in character for events such as Comic Con. These aren’t you average run of the mill
products that just anyone would buy. Designed specifically for fans and collectors they have been
made to look as much like the original as possible. Things people like Recent photos released by
the company have had fans craving a pair of these Ecto Goggles. Some of the earlier photos had
complains about the colour being too bright however it seems that as they work on the project
they’ve changed the colour to a one almost exact to the original.

Things people don’t like

Due to this model not yet having been release its unclear what faults there may be or what
people will not like. Previous Ecto Goggles have sometimes been uncomfortable to wear and
so it is hoped that they have made these more comfortable. They also can’t be worn with
regular glasses underneath.

Is it worth the money?

Set to cost $110 feelings are mixed on whether they are going to be worth the money. When in comparison though with home made Ecto Goggles people have made, and then sold online they are definitely cheaper as prices for these can be around $300. The price is especially good when compared to the $500-$1000 for real night vision goggles. So although the price may seem steep it is clear that they are relatively cheap compared to other options.

Where can I buy Ecto Goggles?

As yet you can’t buy them anywhere. Once they have been released though you will be able to buy them from the Mattel website. They will also most likely be available on collectors’ websites and in specialist toy shops.

What customers are saying
“When you really think about it, compared to a pair of Ecto Goggles that are made with high
quality ingredients that are going to cost around $250-300 and the resale of the
MattyCollector pairs will be around $150-200, $110 isn’t really thatbad for a pair of
licensed, pretty accurate goggles. It’s expensive for the components that go into it, of
course, but that’s just the market.” At this point opinions on the Ecto Goggles are divided,
between those who love them and those who don’t. Due to the fact though that they have not
yet been released they may still make changes to the goggles that would win the doubters over.
It won’t be until they are released that a lot of people make up their minds.

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Big Hugs Elmo

Product Review – Big Hugs Elmo

The show Sesame Street and its furry characters have                                              images (1)
always been a firm favorite of children and adults alike.
With many characters having been made into toys, the ever
popular Elmo is given new upgrades each and every year
to cope with this demand. Each new edition has seen
Elmo becomemore and more interactive. Taking this to
a new level is Big Hugs Elmo, which has recently been
launched and is set tobecome immensely popular.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

Big Hugs Elmo is 22” tall and made of delightfully cuddly soft plush
fabric and he responds to hugs and cuddles. He is interactive enough
to feel almost like the “real thing”. He sings several songs, including a
lullaby when he’s being rocked to sleep, can actively encourage the
child’s imagination with different suggestions of pretend play. He can
interact when he’s being rocked or bounced around and is even
sensitive enough to tell the child when he’s being held upside down.

How Much?

Although it is not available until the fall, it looks set to be priced at $59.99

Things We Like About This Latest Elmo

What’s not to like, there are so many great features to enjoy. Big Hugs Elmo has a very sophisticated levelof interaction which children will find remarkably engaging. He has flexible arms and a soft plush head and is the largest and most huggable toy
within the range.

Things We Did Not Like About Elmo

The only negative points are that he is only recommended for ages 18 months and upwards
, so although younger children may be delighted with him, he may not be suitable, which
could create arguments with younger siblings. Also he requires 4 x AA batteries
(which are not supplied) and official information hasn’t clarified how quickly the
sophisticated interactionfeatures will drain battery life.

Who Would Buy Big Hugs Elmo?

This toy is recommended for children aged 18 months to 4 years, although I know a few adults
who would consider one for themselves.The toy provides a chatty little companion and will
encourage the imagination and engage any toddler or young child.


Big Hugs Elmo is made by Hasbro, who pride themselves on their high safety standards. This should give any parent the reassurance that they are buying a good quality and safe toy.

Is Big Hugs Elmo Worth The Money?

It would be hard to put a price on the new Elmo, but he is certainly one of the most sophisticated
interactive toys currently available. The level of interactivity will have most toddlers believing
that you have brought home the real Elmo as their own personal playmate. This will certainly make
it a toy which will benefit from long periods of enjoyment and will not be relegated to the back
of a closet or the bottom of a toy chest.

Where Can I Buy Big Hugs Elmo?

This new Elmo will be available for purchase in the fall, from most major toy retailers and online such as Amazon.com.

More Customer Reviews For Big Hugs Elmo

Big Hugs Elmo is capturing the hearts of customers the world over and so far is enjoying
very high satisfactionratings amongst consumers.

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Barbie Makeover Mirror

Product Review[Barbie Makeover Mirror]

BeFunky_download (1).png


How Much?



Who Would Buy The [Barbie Makeover Mirror]



Things We Like About The [Barbie Makeover Mirror]



Things We Did Not Like About The [Barbie Makeover Mirror]






Is The [Barbie Makeover Mirror] Worth The Money?



Where Can I Buy The [Barbie Makeover Mirror]



More Customer Reviews For The [Barbie Makeover Mirror]

Skylanders Swap Force

Product Review – Skylanders Swap Force

When it comes to a video game, there has to be
something that conveys an original message,                                        BeFunky_images.png
because there are so many games that are being
released. Skylanders Swap Force definitely gets
the message across, as it is an upcoming game
in the Skylanders franchise that really opens
the door for complete customization of characters.
We love the idea that all of your old characters
from previous games are able to be brought over
into the new game, and we only hope that the new
Swap Force game will make its way onto many other
gaming consoles. We do also hope that this game will
be available on the next gen gaming consoles as well.

How Much? 

Skylanders Swap Force will be released between $50-$60.
The average price for Skylanders Swap Force is approximately $60.

Who Would Buy Skylanders Swap Force?

Skylanders Swap Force is definitely catered to kids and young teenagers who are into the
cartoon/animation type video game franchise. Some adults may be interested in checking out
Skylanders Swap Force as well.

Things we like about Skylanders Swap Force:

Skylanders is an awesome franchise that has captured the hearts of kids in a way that hasn’t
been done since the old days of Pokemon. We love the idea that the Skylanders franchise opens
the doors to a world where imagination runs wild. The developers have pushed the envelope even
further with the concept of Swap Force, letting you customize your character however you

Things we did not like about Skylanders Swap Force:

There’s a lot of good things to say about Skylanders Swap Force. We don’t know exactly
what consoles this will be released for yet. We’d like to see this franchise get support on more
than one game console, and it will be interesting to see if the game gets next generation support
on the Wii U and the upcoming Playstation 4 and new Xbox machines.


As per most games, retail stores will have their own guarantees, and online sites such as Amazon.com
should have a guarantee as well when buying.

Is Skylanders Swap Force Worth The Money?

If you are looking for a game where you can fully customize your characters and enjoy a game
that truly is different every time you play it, then you can’t really go wrong with Skylanders
Swap Force.For around $60, you’re going to have a game that is going to bring a lot of
excitement,and will be able to be enjoyed for a long time.

Where Can I Buy Skylanders Swap Force? 

Amazon.com is a great place to purchase video games, and will be the best source for purchasing Skylanders Swap Force.

More Customer Reviews For Skylanders Swap Force:

Just about everyone with an understanding of the Skylanders franchise is very happy about the
upcoming release of this game. Many folks have praised the ideas of being able to customize
characters like never before, to make the game even better than ever before.

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Product Review – RoboMe 


Me is an upcoming robot toy that is going to be
released this year. RoboMe won the Toys 3.0                BeFunky_download.png
award at this year’s Toy Fair, and we expect that
once released, RoboMe will be a verydownload
hot item on the shelves. We absolutely love the
integration of using an iPhone or iOS device
as the “head.” This is something that many
companies are beginning to look into, but it’s
still fresh enough to get

How Much? 

At the current time of this writing, the final price of the
RoboMe is unavailable. Our best guess is around $100. The average price for the RoboMe 3.0 is currently unavailble.

Who Would Buy The RoboMe?

The RoboMe caters to pretty much anybody that is looking for a cool robot to mess around with that
packs a lot of different features. Kids and adults would both love the fun of driving their
RoboMe around with their smartphone attached to it.

Things we like about the RoboMe:

We love the idea that you can use  your iOS device as the head for RoboMe. Something about being able to  control a robot driving around your house with your face on it is just extremely satisfying. We also are excited because we are sure this will
open the doors for developers to write their own apps for RoboMe to further  take advantage of the software that is behind the robot.

Things we did not like about the RoboMe:

We love the concept behind the RoboMe, the design and the idea is definitely there. Unfortunately, we understand that not everyone uses iPhones or iOS devices, and so anyone on the Android market will be left out until further notice. It would be really nice to see the company come out with an update soon with the ability to use an Android device, or possibly create a second line of RoboMe for Android users.


No guarantee at the time of this writing.

Is The RoboMe Worth The Money?

This is difficult to say simply because the final price of the item has not been revealed yet. Our best guess is around $100 give or take. For all of the features that this device packs, we think that this is a very fair asking price for a robot device of this

Where Can I Buy The RoboMe?

Once released to the public, the RoboMe will be available to people on various online sites, such as Amazon.com.
More Customer Reviews For The RoboMe:

Many people have praised the technology inside of the RoboMe and the genius of the developers behind the design. Many positive comments have been made about the excitement of the upcoming RoboMe device.

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PowerUp 3.0

Product Review – PowerUp 3.0

The PowerUp 3.0 is a very unique piece of
equipment in the fact that with it, a person                               BeFunky_images.png
can control a paper airplane with their
smartphone device. This is a very fresh
concept, as most people are typically used
to being able to fly model airplanes, even
with their smartphones, but rarely has any
product come out like that, and because of
that,it makes it a very valuable and cool
item to have in your possession. With its
lightweight body and easy complexion, it
makes it easyto carry around and a breeze
to set up. The PowerUp 3.0 is definitely anew
spin on flying airplanes outside (or inside)
and really creates for an exciting time in kids
and adults of all ages.

How Much? 

The PowerUp 3.0 is retailing for around $15.
The average price for the PowerUp 3.0 is approximately $15.

Who Would Buy The PowerUp 3.0?

Most model airplanes are catered to either older teenagers and adults, or folks that know what
they’re doingwhen it comes to flying a remote plane. With the PowerUp 3.0, it’s more catered
to a general demographic, and is very easy to be handled by just about anyone.

Things we like about the PowerUp 3.0:

One of the nicest things about the PowerUp 3.0 is that it is catered to a large audience. You don’t have to  have a lot of knowledge about remote planes, and this is a good starting  place for kids looking to get into the activity. It’s also good for adults who  are just looking for a way to have some outdoor fun, perhaps with their  kids. The PowerUp 3.0 is inexpensive, making it not a burden on your  pocket, and is very easy to put together.

Things we did not like about the PowerUp 3.0:

While there are a lot of  great things to say about PowerUp 3.0, it does pose some concerns. The  kit does have some pretty small parts that do come apart, and can be  easily lost if not careful. This may also pose a small danger to small  children. It also does run off of 3 AA batteries, and because the device is so  small, it’s a bit of a drag that it uses 3 batteries, and not just 2.


No guarantee at the time of this writing.

Is The PowerUp 3.0 Worth The Money?

For around $15 on Amazon, you can’t really go wrong with this device. Some people will love it, and some wont, but at a small price of $15, you hopefully won’t feel too bad if it turns out to not be what you expected.

Where Can I Buy The PowerUp 3.0?

Amazon.com is a great place to purchase the PowerUp 3.0 for around $15.

More Customer Reviews For The PowerUp 3.0:

Customer response for this device is mixed to positive mostly. Many people are satisfied with the device, but do stress the small parts and potential hazards to infants and small children.

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Futuro Cube

Product Review – Futuro Cube

How Much?


The average price for the Futuro Cube is approximately: $100


Who Would Buy The Futuro Cube?

The Futuro Cube is designed to be a
fun and engaging device for people of all ages,
including kids and adults.The variety of logic
based games and puzzles stimulate the brain and
help development problem solving skills while
having fun playing with the unique Futuro Cube.

Things we like

about the Futuro Cube: One of the very nice features    about this device is the LED lighting on the cube, making it very easy to
see all of the areas and navigate the cube. Another great aspect of the cube is the variety of games and puzzles that are available. The variety and  the difference in skill levels should keep any puzzle enthusiast no matter  how old or young engaged and active with this cube. There are also  developer tools coming out in early 2013 that will allow anyone to code   their own games into the Futuro Cube. We also like the fact that the device  has many motion trackers on it and that it can also play sound and voice
clips, which are very high quality as well!

Things we did not like

about the Futuro Cube: While the Futuro Cube is definitely a very nice and feature-packed device,
the price of the item is abit on the high side. Parents purchasing for their children may not want
to spend $100 on this, and adults looking for a great puzzle game may find the $100 price point
to be a bit too high. While we did note the upcoming developer tools as a positive, it’s a negative
based on the fact that there have been a couple of delays on the release of developer tools for this


At current time of writing, no guarantee for the Futuro Cube has been found.

Is The Futuro Cube Worth The Money?

For hardcore puzzle enthusiasts and even children that are looking for a challenge, yes the Futuro
Cube isvery much worth the price of admission. For those who aren’t really sure if they enjoy
puzzles or are timid about their skill level, $100 for this device might be more than you want to
spend until you have a better understanding of your skill level and desire to use puzzle devices.

Where Can I Buy The Futuro Cube?

For United States customers, check  out www.amazon.com & www.thinkgeek.com. Other countries have the  Futuro Cube in stock on www.futurocube.com

More Customer Reviews For The Futuro Cube:

For those that are  looking for more information on the Futuro Cube, there are many customer  reviews listed online at various sites, including www.thinkgeek.com and www.futurocube.com. The overall impression by most folks is that the  Futuro Cube is definitely an exciting and engaging device that people of all ages including both kids and adults well find both challenging and rewarding.

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Product Review – Nerf N Strike Elite Demolisher 2 in 1 Blaster

Nerf-N-Strike-Elite-Demolisher-2-in-1-BlasterThe Nerf N Strike Elite Demolisher 2 in 1 Blaster offers a more power-packed blasting experience, by allowing simultaneous blasting of standard ELITE darts and all new Nerf Missiles. Its 10-round banana clip is further reinforced by a “grenade” launcher and an impressive Tactical Rail System for a more satisfying blasting experience.

How Much?
The Nerf N Strike Elite Demolisher 2 in 1 Blaster will be available for only $39.99.

Who Would Buy This?
Although the Nerf N Strike Elite Demolisher 2 in 1 Blaster is expressly recommended for children 8 years old and above, it is also, no doubt, going to catch the eye of adults.

Things We Like
There are so many things to like about the Nerf N Strike Elite Demolisher 2 in 1 Blaster, if the prototype is anything to go by. First, there is the fact that it does not blast the standard ELITE darts only, using its banana-style clip. It can also shoot the all-new Nerf Missiles, and it can do so at the same time that the ELITE darts are being blasted. This certainly packs more power to the blasting action.
Thanks to the semi-motorized blasting action of the Demolisher, the darts and missiles being blasted move at great speeds. But what really makes it even more impressive is the shooting distance. The ELITE shooting distance is said to be up to 90 feet, but it can even go up to 100 feet. The Missiles, on the other hand, can be shot up to 50 feet. Not as far, but still pretty impressive.
Many are also psyched about the integrated “grenade” launcher mounted on the front part of the Demolisher. We also like the addition of two tactical rails which, according to Hasbro, will also be easily connected to scopes and lights in the future.
The Nerf N Strike Elite Demolisher 2 in 1 Blaster also gives off that “tactical” feel, and it starts from the design and the overall feel when wielding this blaster. The blazing orange color, for instance, is just the perfect hue to still give it that military look while reminding everyone that it is, still, a toy – and a really cool one, at that.

Things We Don’t Like
The banana clip holds a maximum of 10 darts. After shooting all 10 darts, it has to be reloaded. For us, 10 darts is quite a meager amount. It would have been better if the clip can hold more than 10, to ensure longer play sessions using the Demolisher. With the grenade launcher, it also tends to be quite heavy.

Details on guarantee or warranty for this product are not yet known at this time.

Is It Worth The Money?
The price of the Nerf N Strike Elite Demolisher 2 in 1 Blaster is, for many, surprisingly reasonable. Other blasters cost almost twice as much, but do not offer as many great features as the Demolisher. You wouldn’t think twice about getting this beauty!

Where Can I Buy?
The Nerf N Strike Elite Demolisher 2 in 1 Blaster will be available for sale this fall in most major retailers, at the HasbroToyShop.com, and other online retailers, such as Amazon.

Final Thoughts
Get the best deal and get two blasters in one awesome and powerful package. Make sure you get your hands on the Nerf N Strike Elite Demolisher 2 in 1 Blaster once it’s out.

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