Product Review – Calico Critters Polar Bear Family Playset

Family time should always be fun time, so why                             BeFunky_download (4).png
not have it with the newest family on the block?
It’s the Calico Critters Polar Bear Family
Playset, a family of bears – father, mother,
and two girls – that have colorful personalities
and looks, and will offer hours of fun not just
for kids, but for the whole family.

How Much?

The Calico Critters Polar Bear Family Playset, which is composed of 4 miniature polar bears, is sold at $25.00.

Who Would Buy This?

Parents who have children aged 3 years old and up will find the perfect present in the Calico Critters Polar Bear Family Playset. They are soft, velvety, and highly durable, so they are definitely perfect for kids. They also look cute – they are polar bears, after all – and kids will absolutely fall in love with them. Toy collectors will also want to have this playset, since it is rare to have polar bears for toys.

Things We Like

It only takes one look at the Calico Critters Polar Bear Family Playset to conclude that this is one cute family. They’re definitely a breath of fresh air from the usual “brown teddy bear” fare that we’ve been having while growing up.We like how this family of polar bears gives us a lot of freedom to play around with them. The movable arms, legs, and feet spell hours of fun posing them this way and that.Their clothes are already colorful, and reflect their personalities. Peter, the father, is a fisherman, so the nautical look of his clothes is spot on. Lucy, the mother, is a baker, and the apron reflects that. The sisters, Lucy and Beth, are also dressed in fun and frilly clothes. But the fun part is truly how these clothes are removable, so you can change their outfits whenever you want.The makers of this playset also made sure that it is fully compatible with other Calico Critters toy sets and accessories, such as houses, beds, living room sets and cafés, to name a few.

Things We Don’t Like

Others may find the diminutive size of these miniature polar bears to be too small. The tallest, Peter, is 3.25 inches tall. Parents who have 3-year-old kids are advised to supervise their children whenever they are playing with these miniature dolls, since they may turn into choking hazards.


No information regarding the warranty for the Calico Critters Polar Bear Family Playset has been released yet.

Is It Worth The Money?

At $25.00, you’ll get the whole playset – four polar bears with movable limbs, removable clothes, and endless hours of fun. That alone makes this playset worth your money.

Where Can I Buy?

The Calico Critters Polar Bear Family Playset can be purchased from various merchant sites online. One good site is Amazon.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for something new, and decidedly different from your usual teddy bears, then turn to the Calico Critters Polar Bear Family Playset!

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