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While BotSee may just appear to be a tablet stand it                                                BeFunky_images (1).png
is in fact much more than that. Each BotSee is
uniquely made and they learn and evolve while children
play with them, so each one develops their own
personalities. It’s designed to be able to hold almost
all forms of tablets with its adjustable arms. Just
download the app onto the tablet or iPad and then connect
it to BotSee.BotSee has many different game modes and can
even be used on its own without the tablet. One of the
games is a colouring game, at the start of this a black
and white line drawing will appear. On this mode children
have to show BotSee the colour they want. For example if
they show the yellow side of a cube, BotSee will colour
in everything that’s yellow. If they show the red, then
anything red will be coloured in. This is a great way for children to learn their colours.Another game is a food game, on this mode BotSee will display a picture of food, such as grapes, and the child has to show the corresponding picture. This type of interactive learning is not only great fun but helps with cognitive learning.There is also a game mode all about the alphabet where children can hold up a card with the letter on and BotSee will say the letter and show a picture relevant to that letter. Or alternatively it will ask the child to find the card with the matching letter.Another feature that’s been shown is a musical one where children can show BotSee an instrument and then hear it. This can be done with different instruments together to play songs. For example a saxophone, drums and a singer and BotSee will sing “the wheels on the bus” song.

How much?

As it is still in the early stages they have not yet released all the information about BotSee. So the price at this time is still unknown.

Who would buy the BotSee?

BotSee is aimed at children ages 3 and up. It’s a great toy for any children before they start school to help their learning and coordination. With its different games children of different abilities can still enjoy it, from just simple colouring to more advanced alphabet work.

Things we like about the BotSee

One of the great things about BotSee is that as it works via the tablets camera there is no need for the child to touch the screen. This is great news for parents who often worry that their children could damage or break the screen.BotSee is a great way to help children to learn while keeping them entertained. By turning its ear children can choose between the different interactive games. Helping them to learn their colours, alphabet, words and numbers in a fun way.All the cards used to interact with BotSee can all be stored in a special case on the back of the stand. Just above this is a handle that can be used to transport BotSee. Another feature that kids are sure to love is that its face is expressional with moving eyebrows and eyes that change colour.It also talks to the child helping the child learn to pronounce the words and to feel that they are doing more than just playing with a toy.

Things we did not like about the BotSee

One downside to BotSee is that the cards and cubes that used to interact with it are made of paper. This might not be the best idea depending on the child using it as paper can normally be damaged quite easily. Also although it’s said to work independently to the app to get the full experience some form of iPad or tablet is needed.


As yet there is no news on whether it will come with any type of guarantee.

Is the BotSee worth the money?

Due to the fact that as yet the price is unknown, it’s hard to say whether BotSee will be worth the money. However, as long as the price is reasonable, then it should be good value for money.

Where can I buy BotSee

BotSee should be available in August 2013 and should be available in most major toy stores. It will also be available on Amazon and on the WowWee website.

More customer reviews for the BotSee

As yet there are no reviews from people or parents whose child has played with BotSee. People do seem to be interested in it though as it’s a great way for parents to entertain their children while still providing them with a learning experience. Photos of BotSee that have been released show that this stand is both practical while being cute. The fact that its arms adjust to fit different sized tablets is also good as it means parents can use their existing tablets no matter what brand they are.

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