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The easiest way to explain what these Bottroborgs are,                                           BeFunky_download (3).png
is to say that their some sort of hybrid cross between
“rock ‘em sock ‘em” and a wii. These boxing robots are
very similar to previous battling robot but with one
major difference. Rather than controlling them with
buttons or levers, these little guys work with a wii
style nun chuck controller. So if the player wants
their robot to punch, they have to punch too. The
controller registers the players punch and the robot
will immediately copy the same move.
Battroborgs have many different game modes:

• Training, where a single player can practice their shots and practice controlling the robots movement.

• Tag, for groups of Battrobogs (up to 20) can play together in a game of tag.

• Knockout, where one player has to knock the other Battroborg out.

• Knock down.

• Ring out.

How Much?

Battroborgs are due out in the fall of 2013 and should retail at around $80 for two robots the contrillers and the arena. seperate individual Battroborg robots can be bought for $30.

Who would buy the Battroborg?

There is no set target age group for these as they appeal to people of all ages, from children to adults. They are great fun to battle between friends and between families.

Things we like about Battroborg

What makes these really unusual is that the players actually have to do all the work for the Battroborgs to respond. This means there much more interactive and more engaging toys compared to versions where players just have to push a button.The different features also make these more amusing, as in one mode a scoring system of lights on the robot shows how many hits the robot has taken. Five punches and the robot gets knocked out of the game. When the players Battroborg gets his that players nun chucks will also vibrate letting them know what’s happened.They also work on a 2.4 GHz frequency meaning unlike infra-red controllers there’s no lag, even with up to 10 payers.

Things we don’t like about Battroborg

Despite the fact that they have a solo mode, these really aren’t as fun on their own. So players will need a pair of them and a friend to get the most out of them. Also if they are charged wrong or activated wrong this can cause them to not work correctly so it’s defiantly worth reading all the instructions with them.


It is unknown yet whether or not they will come with any type of guarantee.

Is Battroborg worth the money?

Although rather expensive for a toy that’s not even 10cm big these little guys can provide hours of fun. Whether it’s settling a debate or just for fun, these Battroborgs are sure to be entertaining.

Where can I buy Battroborg?

Battroborg is due to be released in the fall 2013 at some point before Christmas and will be available on Amazon and all major toy stores.

Customer reviews of Battroborg

As yet there are no reviews from customers but children love the idea of boxing robots with nun chuck controllers. While parents seem to love the modern twist it puts on the “rock ‘em sock ‘em” game they grew up with.

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