Attacknids Review

What more could any boy want than a fighting spider                                 BeFunky_download (1).png
battle robot? The new Attacknids are just that,
remote controlled spider robots that even blast
disks or balls around 10 meters. With fully
synchronised walking actions these things really
do scutter around like their arachnid brothers.
They were originally designed by inventor Jamie
Mantzel from Vermont, who had a dream of making
fighting robots. After failing to gain any luck
with American toy companies, it wasn’t long until
the British toy company ‘Wow! Stuff’ hooked up with
Jamie to produce these Combat Creatures. They are
the first of the Combat Creatures, being fully remote
controlled with 360 degree rotation. Just 10 inches
tall these Attacknids can be played with on their own,
or played against each other and can even be played
in battles by the hundreds.

How much?

When they are released in America they are due to retail at around $100. That includes one Attacknid and its remote control

Who would buy the Attacknid?

While aimed at young boys these Attacknids also seem to be gathering an older fan base as well. The have a minimum age of 3 years old due to the small parts that come off in the heat of battle.

Things we like about the Attacknid

These Attacknids have some really cool features, from their weaponry – a choice of dissector disks, snyper darts and destroyer spheres. The also have Bolt ‘N’ Battle armour, this means that when a robot is directly hit by another their armour explodes off. They also have a Battle Brain, if a robot gets three direct hits it automatically shuts down and “dies”.The best thing is that they have been designed to fight against each other meaning kids can have Attacknid battles against each other. They also have two target sizes, so players can vary the difficulty of the battle.

Things we did not like about the Attacknid

As great as these Attacknids are they do come with a steep price tag and people have complained that the guns can jam easily if they’re not loaded properly.


As it has yet to be released in the US it’s not known what sort of guarantee it will come with.

Is the Attacknid worth the money?

Although $100 may sound like a lot of money these Attacknids are defiantly worth the money. Especially if players have friends who also own one, as playing with them on their own just isn’t half as fun.

Where can I buy theAttacknid?

Attacknids have been released in the UK and parts of Europe but have yet to be released in the US. When they are Attacknids will be available at all major toy stores and from Wow! Stuff’s website. They will also be available on Amazon when they are released. Attacknids are currently available on the UK Amazon.

More customer reviews for the Atacknid

Attacknids are getting great reviews online. Not just from parents of children who love their Combat Creatures but also from adults who have fallen for these battling robots.“This is one of the best toys I’ve seen in a long time. Bought it for my godson for Christmas and I got it out the box to put it all together and make sure it worked. It’s much heavier than I expected and really well put together! Just walking it around is cool but then when you start shooting people and other things its amazing, want to buy one myself, not sure how happy the wife will be though.”

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