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Barbie Endless Curls Dolls

Product Review – Barbie Endless Curls Dolls                              BeFunky_download (2).png               

Mattel’s Barbie Endless Curls Doll features long, lustrous hair that can be easily styled using an accompanying set of no-heat hair styling tools and hair accessories, such as a brush, no-heat curling tools, foam rollers, barrettes, and rubber bands. With all these in your hands, the styling possibilities and endless!

How Much?

The Barbie Endless Curls Doll, which is meant for children aged 5 years old and above, has a selling price of $24.97 only.

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Product Review – AnaMalz

These days, industries are going green, raising                                                 BeFunky_download (1).png
eco-friendly advocacies, and making use of
environmentally sustainable materials in various
manufacturing processes. Even toy manufacturers
are following this trend, and the makers of AnaMalz
is one of them. This collection of unique and
durable animals are made from organic wood and
other nontoxic materials, making them safe for
children, while remaining fun and educational
at the same time!

How Much?

The full range of AnaMalz wooden toys is composed of different types of animals. The price for each toy ranges from $7.95 to $119.00, depending on the type.

Who Would Buy This?

AnaMalz has been designed in Australia to cater to children ages 3 and above. However, even adults who love collecting figures will definitely be interested to complete their own AnaMalz range, from the animals to the trees and even the Barnhouse. Parents who are wary of handing toys that may be made of harmful materials such as plastic will also appreciate how AnaMalz is made from organic and non-toxic materials. Certainly, people who are advocates of the environment will also choose AnaMalz over other types of animal toys.

Things We Like

The usual downside of wooden toys is in terms of the quality of the wood itself. More often than not, the wood used is flimsy, or are easily damaged. AnaMalz made use of organic maple wood, which is known to be durable. Other textiles, such as cotton and wool, are also used, and the glues and paints are non-toxic.Even if the toys are made from wood, they are not at all stiff. That’s the genius of AnaMalz, since they have arms and legs that can be bent and posed to your desired angles.The size of each AnaMalz toy is also perfect. They are small, but not too small, measuring 2.75 x 3.25 inches, and weighing 0.1 lb only. They do not take up a lot of space, and they’re not too heavy to carry around, especially by little children.We appreciate the simplicity of the design of the animals. They are not as intricate as, say, animal toys made from clay or plastic, but all the defining characteristics of each animal are present, and the attention to detail is remarkable. This makes it even easier for little children to start learning about the different types of animals.

Things We Don’t Like

The small size of the Anamalz wooden toys can also make them a choking hazard, which is why parents are advised to still provide supervision whenever children – especially below the age of 3 – are playing with them.


No information regarding warranty and guarantee for this product is available.

Is It Worth The Money?

Many parents agree that AnaMalz is worth the investment! They are cute, safe, and fun to play with, so you’ll get more than your money’s worth!

Where Can I Buy?

You can buy AnaMalz online, particularly in various online merchant sites, such as Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Educational and extremely fun. That’s only one way of describing AnaMalz, the innovative, environment-friendly, and fun wooden animal toys!

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Ernie Farm Train

Product Review – Ernie Farm Train

Choo choo! Let your little ones roll the Ernie Farm                                         BeFunky_download (4).png
Train around the entire neighborhood for a fun
experience! He/she is undoubtedly going to love playing
with this train.

How Much?

Unlike other toy trains for kids, Ernie Farm train is reasonably priced. The average price for this toy train is just $16.99, which makes it a perfect present for your child. Surprise him/her this year with a cute little farm train that not only entertains him/her, but also helps him/her learn about animals and farming.

Who Would Buy the Ernie Farm Train?

The Ernie Farm train is an ideal product for people looking for toy cars and trains for their kids. Whether you are an aunt/uncle searching for a nephew’s birthday gift or a parent trying to find something educational for your child, an Ernie Farm trains is definitely going to serve you well. Hasbro Inc. has introduced new toys starring children’s favorite Sesame Street characters including Ernie, Elmo and Cookie Monster. Ernie farm trains offer an effective learning system that enables tots to explore and learn in a digital environment. They endow you children with an interactive world of Rails and Roads that mixes two preferred playtime activities for preschoolers: trains and cars. Ernie Farm Trains is perfect for those who want their children to experience magical moments with their beloved Sesame Street characters and learn at the same time.

Things we like about the Ernie Farm Train

1. It is especially designed for young children (18 months to four years).

2. It offers an easy, effective learning experience to preschoolers.

3. You just need to press Ernie’s head down in order to hear fun phrases about animals and farming.

4. A great way to teach children about the animal kingdom.

5. It features a pig that needs to be taken to the farm, which adds to the child’s fun.

6. Ernie Farm train can also be taken for a spin on the popular Elmo Junction Play-set along with the kids’ favorite Cookie Monster Food Train Play-set.

7. It also features an attachable rail car.

Things we did not like about the Ernie Farm Train

 It needs 2 AAA batteries, including the demo batteries.


 Manufacturers haven’t announced any guarantee-offers yet but are expected to do so in near future.

Is The Ernie Farm Train Worth The Money?

With the preamble of Sesame Street character and play-and-learning system, parents can easily provide their children with a hands-on learning experience, especially to kids two years of age or older. The Ernie Farm Train is an ideal plaything for your kid and is totally worth the investment.

Where can we buy the Ernie Farm Train?

 You can buy the Ernie Farm Train online from and It is also available at all major toy retailers countrywide.

More Customer Reviews for the Ernie Farm Train

 With thousands of satisfied customers all over the country, this toy train is 100% genuine, worth investing and high quality. Parents are most likely to take pleasure in sharing new, innovative ways to engage their kids with their beloved friends/characters.

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Boom Boom Balloon

Product Review – Boom Boom Balloon

Kids have long been huge fans of activity games –                                            BeFunky_download (3).png
that is, games that operate outside the traditional
board game style and have completely unique game
play devices, like Janga, for instance. At the same
time, all kids love balloons, but what many of them
love even more than mere balloons is popping balloons.
The Boom Boom Balloon game, as one might assume from
the name, combines those two loves into a fun, tension
filled (no pun intended) game!

Let’s take a look at some of the features

Boom Boom Balloon operates on a very simple concept. The game comes with 10 balloons, several sticks, and a frame. Users blow up one of the balloons inside the frame and tie it off, and then insert all of the sticks into the holes in the frame. Players then roll the 6-sided die and push a stick or sticks of their choice in, depending upon their roll. As the sticks go further in, the surface tension is increased on the balloon, and the loser is the one that makes it pop! The game is very simple and easy to understand.

How Much?

Boom Boom Balloon will have a suggested retail price of $19.99 upon release in the fall of 2013.

Things We Like About Boom Boom Balloon

The game is rated for children ages 8 and up, but the concept is so simple, nearly any age can understand it, though younger children may be put off by the loud burst. Even adults can have fun waiting with baited breath for the strained balloon to finally burst. The frame includes a very handy tie-off system that relieves players of tying tiny, awkward knots, and all of the included parts are sturdy and well made.

Things We Did Not Like About Boom Boom Balloon

While Boom Boom Balloon is undoubtedly a fun and simple concept, the only drawback is that merely 10 balloons are included. Certainly, replacement balloons are very inexpensive and can be purchased almost anywhere, but it would have been nice to have had more included.

Who Would Buy Boom Boom Balloon?

Boom Boom Balloon is a game the whole family can play together, and nearly everyone loves popping balloons!


It is unknown if the game has an official warranty, though it likely protects against workmanship defects and similar issues.

Is Boom Boom Balloon Worth the Money?

Considering the fun the whole family can have watching and waiting for the balloons to pop, $25 seems a small price!

Where Can I Buy Boom Boom Balloon?

Boom Boom Balloon has not yet been fully released but will likely be available from all major retailers when it is. Online retailers like Amazon as well as major chain stores like Walmart and Target will likely carry this product as well.

More Customer Reviews for Boom Boom Balloon

Even though the game has not been widely released yet, game players across the country are eagerly waiting to set the game up and to get popping their own balloons!

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Princess Twilight Sparkle Toy

Product Review – Princess Twilight Sparkle Toy

My Little Pony has been a hugely popular series                                                   BeFunky_download (2).png
since the 1980s. In recent days, the series has
picked up a whole new crop of followers and fans
of all ages. The show features a varied cast of
unique, adorable ponies, one of whom is Twilight
Sparkle. She is one of the show’s main protagonists
and has evolved from a regular magical pony to an
Alicorn, a demigod combination of a Pegasus and unicorn.
While her evolution was initially met with some apprehension
from the fan community, the majority has come to accept her
new role and status, and Hasbro is releasing the Princess
Twilight Sparkle Toy in honor of her transformation.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

The Princess Twilight Sparkle Toy matches her transformed appearance in the show. She is mainly purple with blue Pegasus wings and a golden crown. The toy stands about a foot tall and has a series of sophisticated sensors covering her. She responds to various stimuli, singing and cooing when her hair is brushed, or when she is stroked, for instance. Her wings flap and light up when stroked or when her hooves are pulled across the ground.

How Much?

The official suggested retail price has not been announced yet, though it is expected to be around $50.

Things We Like About Princess Twilight Sparkle Toy

With the Princess Twilight Sparkle Toy, Hasbro is truly paying tribute to the undying fans of the series. She matches the in-show character both in appearance, sound, and action. Technically, the toy is fairly nifty, containing a large number of varied responses that apply to numerous interactions.

Things We Did Not Like About Princess Twilight Sparkle Toy

While, again, the cost has not been officially announced, the estimated $50 price tag initially seems excessively high. Also, it would be nice to have Twilight Sparkle’s wings flap when actually being flown around and not just being dragged on the ground. Flight is supposed to take place in the air, after all, and the current version is kind of the opposite of that.

Who Would Buy Princess Twilight Sparkle Toy?

Both adult and children fans of the show will likely be waiting in line for Princess Twilight Sparkle’s release!


Hasbro covers all their products with a comprehensive warranty protecting against any defects in workmanship or components.

Is Princess Twilight Sparkle Toy Worth the Money?

The estimated price of $50 seems high, though the technology utilized does justify it more. Regardless of the price, die-hard fans of the show will add her to their collection as quickly as they can!

Where Can I Buy Princess Twilight Sparkle Toy?

She will be available from all major toy retailers, department stores, and online retailers such as Amazon, as well as from smaller specialty toy shops.

More Customer Reviews for Princess Twilight Sparkle Toy

Even though some fans initially met Twilight Sparkle’s transformation with shock and apprehension, most have accepted it and are eagerly awaiting her addition to their collections!

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Product Review – Flutterbye flying Fairies

Remote controlled cars, helicopters, and planes have                                   BeFunky_download (1).png
long been the province of boys and men. They were
designed to look manly and perform to the extreme,
and finding girls interested in the area was something
of a rarity. In line with the recent move to create feminine
versions of popular toys to more closely align with
traditional girl’s tastes, Spin Master has created the
Flutterbye flying Fairies, a remote controlled helicopter
that is actually a fairy.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

To say that Flutterbye flying Fairies are remote control toys is something of a misnomer, at least as the term is popularly used, because they don’t use actual controls. There is no handset with up-and-down and side-to-side levers. Instead, the feet of each fairy contain an infrared detection system that detects when someone’s hand is placed beneath, and the propellers (which look suitably like fairy wings) adjust height based on that. Set to be released in time for the Christmas season of 2013, two fairies will initially be released: Stardust, who is blue and purple, and Flower, who is pink and purple.

How Much?

When released in August of this year, the Flutterbye flying Fairies will have a suggested retail price of $34.99.

Things We Like About Flutterbye flying Fairies

While not every girl likes fairies and pink, many do, and it is nice to see more toys designed to appeal to their tastes. Like the Nerf Rebelle, a Nerf bow designed for girls, the fairies open up the world of remote controlled helicopters previously primarily reserved for boys. On top of that, the fairies just look incredibly cute and convincing as they fly around.

Things We Did Not Like About Flutterbye flying Fairies

It’s estimated that a full battery charge will last about 5 minutes of flight time. While each one includes a charger and built-in batteries, it is not clear yet how long each charge will take to complete. The average time is about 20 minutes, which, if it holds true, would mean 5 minutes of flight time for every 20 minutes charging time. That’s not really very much time.

Who Would Buy Flutterbye flying Fairies?

Any parent of a girl who likes fairies, which, according to national trends, is most of them!


While not officially announced, the fairies will very likely have a warranty providing coverage against defects.

Is Flutterbye flying Fairies Worth the Money?

$34.99 may seem like a lot, but considering the technology used and the potential for fun, it’s a fair price.

Where Can I Buy Flutterbye flying Fairies?

The Flutterbye flying Fairies will be available at all major toy retailers and department stores, as well as most major online retailers like Amazon.

More Customer Reviews for Flutterbye flying Fairies

The public was first exposed to the Flutterbye flying Fairies at toy fairs this year, and initial anticipation is high. Those who saw demonstrations are submitting rave reviews and can’t wait to get their own fairy to fly around!

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Cloud Robot

Product Review – Cloud Robot

Most people who were kids in the 1970s remember the                   BeFunky_images.png
classic toy Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots. Two manually
controlled robots faced off in a boxing ring, and
human opponents controlled them until a victor
emerged. Many people also saw the recently-released
movie Real Steal, a movie that took its inspiration
from the classic game and was about actual boxing
robots. Cloud Robots are the first step in the
direction of that movie!

Let’s take a look at some of the features

It’s hard to accurately classify Cloud Robots. On one hand, they are a video game; while on the other hand, they’re a high-tech version of the old school game. Put simply, two actual robots stand in a specially designed ring and box with each other. Each robot is controlled through an app installed on iPhones or iPads. The app displays the video game version of the physical robots’ behavior and keeps track of the score. And, owners of a set can connect to other owners online and battle it out on the internet.

How Much?

The developers have not released an official price, but they have insinuated that the robots will not be cheap.

Things We Like About Cloud Robot

The technology behind Cloud Robots is incredibly impressive. The inventors have made awesome advances in robotic technology and incorporated smartphone and internet technology to amazing effect. The robots were only in development still when they were debuted at toy fairs, but even then, they appeared to move and function like real boxers.

Things We Did Not Like About Cloud Robot

As much as younger children will be drawn to the boxing robots, the technology and cost will likely be prohibitive. Parents will want to closely supervise children during use. Each charge is estimated to last about 20 minutes which doesn’t leave a lot of boxing time.

Who Would Buy Cloud Robot?

Fans of robotics, the classic game, or the movie will fall in love with Cloud Robots! Aside from that and since the price is likely to be high, purchasers will likely be relatively well off financially.


Like the price and release date, an official warranty has not been officially announced yet.

Is Cloud Robot Worth the Money?

Since the price has yet to be revealed, it’s hard to say whether it will be a justifiable purchase. However, taking the technological advances utilized and the huge potential for online competitions, nearly any price would seem worth it.

Where Can I Buy Cloud Robot?

Cloud Robots have not completed development and are not available to the public yet, and, considering the developers are a private enterprise based out of Hungary, it is hard to guess where, exactly, they will be sold. The main company website will likely be the sole source and you’ll probably be able to grab them off Amazon as well.

More Customer Reviews for Cloud Robot

Lovers of gadgets, robotics, animatronics, and internet technology are all incredibly eager and enthusiastic about Cloud Robots!

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Product Review – Aquadoodle

One nearly universal activity all kids love to do is draw.                        BeFunky_download.png
The surface doesn’t really matter much, as many parents
have found out to their chagrin. Kids will draw on paper,
boxes, and even walls and floors if no other surface is
convenient. Drawing on paper works great, although it
can be wasteful and become expensive, and other surfaces
not designed for drawing end up requiring extensive
cleaning. Wouldn’t it be great is a surface for drawing
existed that never needed replacing, didn’t cause a mess,
and was specifically designed for the many types of messy
drawing kids do? The Aquadoodle fills that role perfectly
and gives kids a reusable and clean place to draw!

Let’s take a look at some of the features

There are several varieties of the Aquadoodle, but they all function the same. They are drawing pens that are filled with small amounts of water which is converted to hydrochromatic ink that becomes invisible as it dries out. Also included are drawing pads of varying sizes which the pens are designed to draw on. Kids can draw to their heart’s content on the pad, and their drawings will last a few minutes until the ink dries, after which, they can continue drawing on the same surface.

How Much?

The classic Aquadoodle set is $19.99. Other varieties include the Travel Doodle which costs about $16.99; the Jumbo Deluxe Mat for about $25; and others with similar pricing.

Things We Like About Aquadoodle

Rather than draw endless pictures on paper and then throw them away, the Aquadoodle lets kids create an ongoing stream of pictures, cartoons, and other doodles. It saves money on crayons, markers, and paper, and it helps the environment, as well. The variety in sizes is great, too, as they provide options to safely and cleanly draw at home or on the go.

Things We Did Not Like About Aquadoodle

The only downside to Aquadoodle is also one of its strengths: the fact that drawings disappear so the same surface can be used repeatedly. If a kid draws a particularly good or meaningful drawing, parents will have to hurry with the camera to take a picture to preserve it. Also, if kids draw a particularly lengthy or involved picture, they might not enjoy the first section drying out and becoming invisible before it’s complete.

Who Would Buy Aquadoodle?

Due to the big pens, broad drawing surface, and disposable nature, Aquadoodle is designed for toddlers and preschoolers. Parents of children that age will love the money they no longer have to spend and the cleaning they no longer have to perform.


It’s unknown if Aquadoodle has any official warranty, though it very likely does.

Is Aquadoodle Worth the Money?

Considering how much paper and drawing materials can cost over time, $19.99 is definitely worth the money to replace all that!

Where Can I Buy Aquadoodle?

Aquadoodle is available from all major department stores and toy retailers, as well as most major online stores such as Amazon.

More Customer Reviews for Aquadoodle

In the years since Aquadoodle was released, the toy has won numerous awards and been featured in numerous magazines and trade journals, and customers share that enthusiasm!

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The Walking Dead

Product Review – The Walking Dead Risk Board game

Hasbro has been one of the most successful toy and game                                                BeFunky_download (4).png
manufacturers for decades, and the company has created a
number of games that turned into household names over the
years. Risk is one of the company’s oldest and continually
most popular games as it let players battle against each other
for world conquest and domination. A variety of versions of the
classic game have been released as tie-ins for various movies
and television shows. The newest entry to the series is The
Walking Dead Risk Board game and is based on the wildly
successful TV show about a plucky group struggling to survive
a zombie apocalypse.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

The classic Risk game featured a map of the entire world and let players fight each other for control of the whole thing. The Walking Dead version maintains the same principle but carries over into the universe of the show. It will feature the southwest region of the United States and include most, if not all, of the show’s most recognizable landmarks, such as the CDC, the city of Atlanta, Hershel’s farm, the highway, and more. All the mainstay characters will be included, and players will be able to fight amongst themselves for control while fending off the oncoming hordes of rampaging zombies. In addition to maintaining the classic game play style, the game also adds a new deck of Supply Cards that add new layers of strategy.

How Much?

Scheduled for release in July of 2013, the game will retail for $49.99.

Things We Like About The Walking Dead Risk Board game

The companies Diamond and Alliance have created themed editions of Risk before, all of which have been hugely popular. This version promises to continue that streak and give new and old players an incredibly fun and involved game play experience. The fact that the Walking Dead Risk Board game maintains the classic game play feel while updating it to a modern day, zombie-themed experience is great.

Things We Did Not Like About The Walking Dead Risk Board game

At $49.99, the game is not cheap. All Risk games are complex, highly involved, and time consuming which may be prohibitive to some, more casual fans of board games.

Who Would Buy The Walking Dead Risk Board game?

Fans of the show and the classic game will love the Walking Dead version!


The game will almost certainly carry a warranty that protects against any defective game pieces.

Is The Walking Dead Risk Board game Worth the Money?

While $49.99 seems like a lot, the Walking Dead Risk Board game is not a small game, by any means. The board is huge, and it includes a number of game pieces, cards, and other devices. With that in mind, the price is fair.

Where Can I Buy The Walking Dead Risk Board game?

The game will be available online at retailers such as Amazon and offline at all major department and toy retailers like Toys R Us and Walmart.

More Customer Reviews for The Walking Dead Risk Board game

Even though the game is due for release in July, anticipation is already high among fans of both the classic Risk game and the show as all of them can’t wait to get their hands on it!

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Friendship is Magic wigs

Product Review – Friendship is Magic wigs

My Little Pony was first introduced in the early 1980s,                                        BeFunky_download (2).png
and it became a hugely popular cartoon and toy series.
The show, which featured a large cast of adorable,
vibrantly colored ponies that could fly and do magic,
was a favorite among younger girls. The show’s popularity
died down somewhat in the late 1990s but more recently has
experienced resurgence amongst many adults. My Little Pony
cosplayers are common sights at anime and comic conventions,
and fans of the show are often ardent collectors of related
merchandise. To fill the gaps in the newly burgeoning market,
a number of toy and costume manufacturers have released
additional My Little Pony merchandise, and the Friendship is
Magic wigs are among them.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

All of the characters from My Little Pony are vibrantly colored in a rainbow of neon and pastel shades, and the Friendship is Magic wigs reflect that. The series includes wigs themed after such fan-favorite characters as Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Twilight Sparkle, and each wig is colored and styled to match its counterpart. The Rainbow Dash wig is a complete rainbow, for instance, while the Pinkie Pie wig is a thick, luscious pink. Technically, the wigs are extremely high quality and made out of a heat-resistant synthetic fiber. They are tangle and frizzle free and can be styled with any heat-based hair-styling tools such as flat-irons or curlers.

How Much?

The wigs range from $34.99 to $45.99, depending upon the character.

Things We Like About Friendship is Magic wigs

The wig series is specifically designed and amazing for My Little Pony cosplayers, and each one matches up to its character perfectly. The technical quality of the materials and workmanship is great, as well, and, with proper care, each wig will last for years.

Things We Did Not Like About Friendship is Magic wigs

It’s hard to find anything to dislike about the Friendship is Magic wigs! If anything, the price tag may be a bit high, but considering the quality and visual appeal makes it’s hard to take issue with the cost.

Who Would Buy Friendship is Magic wigs?

Cosplayers and fans of the show will likely have every member of the series in their closet!


It is unknown if the Friendship is Magic wigs carry any sort of official warranty, but it would be surprising if they did not.

Are Friendship is Magic wigs Worth the Money?

For fans of My Little Pony, the wig series could cost twice as much as it currently does, and it wouldn’t be an issue, and taking the quality of each into consideration justifies the cost even more.

Where Can I Buy Friendship is Magic wigs?

Numerous online retailers such as Amazon as well as cosplay webstores carry the wig series.

More Customer Reviews for Friendship is Magic wigs

My Little Pony is growing to heights of popularity that surpass even when it was initially introduced, and the dedicated fans of the show are in love with the wig series as a result!

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